The Best Paan Shops in Kolkata


Kolkatans know the taste of paan is the hallmark of a full stomach and frequent its many popular paan shops even when there’s nothing special to mark or share.

For decades, shops have offered their customers an assortment of exotic plans. From chocolate paans to those featuring unique flavors like mint or chocolate chips, these shops know what it takes to win their customers over with their exquisite taste.

1. Kalpataru Bhandar

Bengalis understand the value of paan in their everyday lives – it serves not only as an effective mouth freshener but is an integral component of every ritual and occasion, from weddings to puja bhog, making paan an essential part. So it comes as no surprise that Kolkata has some excellent paan shops where customers would spend hundreds on paan.

Kalpataru, a small but charming shop located in the heart of Delhi, is an idyllic destination for paan enthusiasts. Its walls are lined with photographs of patrons such as politicians, writers, and celebrities; it is famous for its soft texture khili paan; its price ranges between Rs 5-1.001 depending on what condiments and magic masala it used; its areca nuts come from various parts of India while its gulkand kattha originates in Gujarat.

Shudhari Chaurasiya has been operating his shop for 50 years. His gulkand kattha is widely considered the best in Kolkata, using premium quality gulkand and thick layers of kattha to produce ultra-soft paan. You are guaranteed an irresistibly delicious experience every time!

This shop offers a fantastic selection of flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth in your household, such as samosa- or puli kadhai-flavored paan for that nostalgic feeling of home. Stop in after work to savor some taste of home.

Rabindra Statue in Baila Para, near Bishnupur railway station, is where this store can be found, and it’s open seven days a week; phone number 0162-2703456 can be used. Other businesses nearby include New BSC Shoe Stores, Frank Ross Pharmacy, K Lounge, and Podder Varieties, as well as restaurants or coffee shops that make this store the ideal spot to grab a quick bite!

2. Laxman’s

If you love paan, Kolkata has you covered. Visit this dhaba for an experience like no other – from gundi paan to kesar special; this shop has something to satisfy every paan enthusiast! Additionally, they specialize in serving Keema Parathas and Kadhai Chicken alongside different varieties of Paan!

Laxman’s Dhaba was started by Laxman Chowdhury of Bengal in 1976. Although now living in Delhi with his family and children, his restaurant still thrives at 15C Sarat Bose Road, Sreepally Bhowanipore, West Bengal, India 700020. Although located a bit distant from Rabindra Sadan metro station via taxi and bus services, Padmapukur railway station can also easily be reached within 0.62 kilometers from Laxman’s.

Chaat here is delicious, and the food service is fast; however, they don’t offer many seats. Therefore, if visiting during the daytime, it may be wiser to order takeout instead.

This roadside spot is often packed with students from nearby colleges looking for something tasty like bhel puri, chaat, and paan. Additionally, their soda shikanji offers refreshing beverages, contributing to its immense popularity.

The owner of this chaat joint is an author who has published over 25 books. A darling of the press and well-recognized across India, he was hosted by Indira Gandhi at Teen Murti House and won various awards from NGOs and literary associations; additionally, he traveled around the globe. His story is inspirational as his journey started from being an unskilled worker selling tea for just Rs40 in 1975 to becoming an internationally acclaimed writer advocating gender equality. Read his incredible tale here!

3. Shivshankar’s

Shivshankar’s is one of the oldest pawn shops in Kolkata and is famous for their special gundi paan, featuring crushed ice and various delectable ingredients topped with sweet-and-savory ingredients for maximum flavor! A unique combination of beauty and taste, they serve this delectable mouth freshener until midnight!

Shivshankar Menon, an esteemed author and scholar on Indian foreign policy, politics, and economy, is currently a visiting professor of International Relations at Ashoka Centre for Chinese Studies. Formerly serving as National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Modi of India, he has published several books, including Choices: Inside the Making of Indian Foreign Policy.

On his quest to explore New York’s paan scene, he quickly realized nothing could match up to the authentic Bengali Paan he was used to. Although he went out of his way to find it from Jackson Heights through Manhattan to Jersey and back again, nothing came close. Finally, he decided to learn directly from those making amazing Paans at R&D Paan Lab and soon became a maestro himself!

Beyond its wide variety of delectable shisha flavors, the shop also sells other delicious sweets such as gulaali Kaju, kheer, and ice cream – as well as is famous for its ice cream pan – which combines ice cream with gulaali and savory paan flavors for an irresistibly delicious treat! Don’t miss it – give them a visit now!

If you have ever visited Aminia, chances are that after finishing your meal of pasanda or biryani, you have likely felt intense post-pasanda drowsiness or biryani stupor. While leaving, chances are you heard Mohammed Rafi songs playing from nearby Taj Mahal Paan Shop, which only sells the Rs 22 Kimam paan, served cold on an icy bed; it makes your mouth water as it dissolves onto your tongue like magic – making for the ideal end to an enjoyable Aminia dining experience!

4. Rajendra’s

Rajendra is an iconic name that symbolizes India and its culture. Part of Hindu mythology and associated with many legends, this Bengali name is a sign of love and respect – often given in love letters or messages sent via text messaging services such as WhatsApp. Rajendra can be found across religions such as Hinduism, Sanskrit, Jainism, Prakrit, and Marathi – each version has its distinct interpretation.

Laxman Chowdhury opened this paan shop at 15C Sarat Bose Road in Kolkata in 1976 and quickly became one of the city’s most well-known. They serve a wide range of sweet and spicy varieties of paan.

Attractions to this place include the Ice Paan, which features betel leaves smeared with ice fragments and filled with mint leaves and other secret ingredients for a highly refreshing mouth feel. Also very popular are china plans made with lime paste and grated coconut that provide a fresh taste and purportedly strengthen bones.

They also have Kesar Meetha Paan, which features delicious sweet jam-like spreads and delectable crunchy treats like Tutti Frutti, Cherries, Chopped Dates, etc. It tastes genuinely delightful while remaining relatively affordable.

They also provide plans explicitly tailored for diabetic patients, which is rare, and provide excellent help. Furthermore, there is an assortment of flavorful paans such as orange mango and khus khus that they offer as well.

One drawback to their reputation is their infamous spitting habits, an issue in modern society, yet people continue to visit for excellent plan sales. If you are in Kolkata, see them and taste one of their unique and delectable plans; you won’t regret it!