Center Pizza Menu


The centerpizza menu is widely considered one of the finest in town! Their pizza & Italian dishes rival homemade by nonna preparations in quality & taste while accommodating special dietary requirements with various menu items available for special diets.

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Pepperoni & Mozzarella

Your options for delicious pizza don’t end here with this classic masterpiece, featuring pepperoni, seasoned pork, and beef as well as red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions – an ideal dish to share during family meals or lunch with colleagues!

Enjoy a delectable combination of flavorful sauce and mozzarella cheese on this mouthwatering pizza made from whole grain crust! Plus, its convenient shape means easy cooking and is conveniently cut into 4″x 6″ rectangles to be quickly eaten!

Centre Pizza is an inviting takeout neighborhood pizzeria serving an eclectic Italian menu in the Little Neck Plaza shopping center. Offering twelve booths and tables that can be joined together, their fast, friendly service has quickly made Centre Pizza popular with many people in the neighborhood.

Pepperoni & Sausage

After Antony’s Pizzeria at Beaver Valley Mall closed unexpectedly in December, Andrew Moots knew he couldn’t watch another old-school pizza shop go away. So in January, he and business partner Daniel McClune purchased Center Pizza with plans to keep much of its current structure. Their plan: maintain their homemade sauce and dough recipe that has satisfied generations of families! “We aim to preserve it,” stated Moots.

Centre Pizza stands out among New York pizza makers for its combination of cheese-to-sauce ratio and fresh dough quality, earning high marks from customers. Furthermore, its menu boasts classic Italian-inspired dishes similar to what your nonna might have prepared at home.

Pizzas are freshly prepared when ordered, and the staff takes great care in creating each delicious slice. Prices are fair, and the dining room cozy, with several booths and tables providing groups a comfortable space to gather – this restaurant also offers delicious pasta, sandwich, and salad options as well as specialty entrees you must experience for yourself!

Pepperoni & Mushrooms

Classic pizza at its finest! This masterpiece boasts pepperoni and mushrooms for an irresistibly meaty flavor, complementing well with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese for optimal flavor combinations.

This pizza is perfect for kids of any age or anyone who enjoys a hearty meal, making it great for parties with lots of ingredients that will delight everyone at the table.

Start by prepping the dough and preheating your oven to 450 degrees; before rolling the ball of dough out to form a rectangular shape, drizzle with oil and place in a warm spot to allow the dough to relax into a more malleable form – approximately 20 minutes should do it.

Once the dough is prepared, spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on it before topping it with shredded mozzarella cheese and baking in the oven for 12-15 minutes, or until its edges have darkened and the cheese has bubbled up to become bubbly and bubbly. Enjoy your creation! Copyright 2018 – Center Pizza; Center Pizza reserves all rights.

Pepperoni & Green Bell Peppers

Pepperoni is an iconic pizza topping, often combined with other ingredients to craft unique and delectable pizzas. For instance, it can be combined with ham and pineapple for a Hawaiian-style pizza or used alongside mushrooms to give an earthy creaminess that elevates any pizza creation.

Pepperoni pizza makes an excellent salad topping. It pairs well with many ingredients, such as tomatoes and green bell peppers, for extra flavor and crunch, and Catalina dressing adds a boost of flavor and crunch!

Pizza-stuffed peppers are an enjoyable and rewarding meal to create with friends and family. Ideal for weekend food prep sessions, these delicious bites can then be stored in the fridge to be enjoyed throughout the week!

These pizza-stuffed peppers are an ideal low-carb diet option, provided you use a pizza sauce with reduced sugar, along with turkey Italian sausage, turkey pepperoni, and reduced-fat mozzarella cheese. They are also suitable for low-glycemic diets, or give it a try using pork sausage, regular pepperoni, and full-fat mozzarella cheese!

Pepperoni & Seasoned Pork

Pepperoni and seasoned pork are two great toppings that never fail to please, making this classic pizza an ideal option for family meals or lunch with the crew.

New York-style pizza lovers will appreciate these pies, with a sauce that stands out with its distinct tanginess and freshness, top-grade dough that delivers light airiness, and an extensive menu that covers everything from Farfalle Alla Centre (sausage, chicken, and spinach with farfalle pasta in red sauce) to delicious Cinnamon Buns.

Center Pizza’s owners have made a swift transition since purchasing it from Wenzig in January. That is to their credit – Beaver Valley diners need as many quality eateries as possible!