Romans Clothing Reviews


Romans is a women’s clothing store with several locations. They offer a wide range of sizes so every woman can find her perfect fit.

Their website displays positive reviews from customers. However, some reviewers say they charge more than other companies and raise prices without warning. It’s essential to read reviews before shopping at Romans.


The Romans wore simple clothes that did not contain intricate designs. Most of their clothing was made from wool, as it was available throughout the country.

Clothes were held together by fastenings and brooches. In some cases, these fastenings were made of gold or silver.

Romans wore clothing that came in different colors for different ranks and events. For example, senators wore togas with purple stripes.

Boys in wealthy families were expected to wear a toga praetexta, white for boys and purple for girls until they married. After that, they would have to wear the toga virilis.

Footwear was also essential. Romans wore indoor sandals with open areas around their toes (solar) and outdoor shoes made from soft leather called calcein.


The prices at Romans Clothing are palatable, and the site is a veritable gold mine of a shopping experience. The company’s signature red carpet collection of couture designer gowns and suits is a must-see for the fierce fashionista searching for a new dress. Among the store’s offerings, you will also find a plethora of upmarket men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. The company has more than 900 stores spanning the UK and beyond. Keeping abreast of the latest trends in design and fabric technologies, the company’s latest line of upscale designer wear is a no-brainer for high-street fashion buffs on a budget.

Customer Service

Romans Clothing is not only a company that offers a large selection of products, but it also offers excellent customer service. The company’s customer support staff is available around the clock and can be contacted by phone, email, or live chat. They can also assist you with your online purchase or help with a return. Their website features a wide selection of products, from dresses and blouses to tops and skirts. They are proud of their choice and promise that they have something for everyone. They also have the most extensive assortment of plus-size fashions on the market.


Romans Clothing Reviews is an online brand with a wide range of clothing for women in every size and shape. They pride themselves on offering plus-size clothing so that people with larger bodies can feel comfortable and confident wearing sexy, feminine fashions. Their website is also filled with many great reviews from happy customers. They say that this brand’s material, fit, and feel are superb. They also state it washes and dries well without color bleeding or shrinking. The brand also offers an excellent refund policy for its customers. You can return your purchase using a free Royal Mail returns label on the site or bring it to one of their stores for an exchange or credit note. Refunds are usually processed within 14 days of receiving them at their warehouse/store.