Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World – Chapter 179 Release Date


Manga series always find favor with readers, and Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World is no exception. Fans are eagerly awaiting its release date and chapter 179’s arrival!

The electrician seems taken aback at being defeated by human beings; his facial expression betrays his disappointment in this development.

Rondelle and Electrion

Manga series have amassed an immense fan base due to their immersive reading experience. Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World is no different, gaining big love from its readers who eagerly anticipate its next chapter – it is a fantasy romance drama that promises an all-new chapter!

Leonhart, currently captain of Heresy Inquisitors for the Dark Brotherhood, successfully defeats Electrion in Chapter 18. Leonhart kills him and destroys his chest containing evil objects; when seen kneeling on one knee, Electrion cannot believe that such a lowly human has defeated him.

Hallion understands that Rondelle loves him deeply enough not to allow any chance for romantic interest from anyone else; these words demonstrate their close bond.

Kivye, Rondelle, and Hallion – three stunning women having an in-depth conversation – appear to discuss some critical matters in this chapter. Additionally, Eric is fighting the creature from the hacked dragon egg, which is more powerful than him; to defend against its attacks, Eric must use Holy Powers. However, this may prove futile since its creature can teleport all around its surroundings and fire energy blasts capable of destroying entire cities.

Kivye and Eric

The electrician was one of the most powerful beings on Earth, serving under Dargon King and capable of dismantling the cursed chest by himself if given enough time, yet was killed at Leonhart’s Heresy Investigators hands. Shocked at their defeat by ordinary people like Leonhart’s investigators, Electrician was stunned and disbelieving at their loss – something powerful beings typically don’t take easily.

Kivye and Eric’s relationship is blossoming; they’ve been dating for some time and are beginning to show affection. Additionally, they plan on helping fight the blood worms that have taken over Small Root Village by working together against them.

Eric may seem playful initially, but he has his share of dark sides. Often resorting to violence and aggression. Kivye doesn’t trust Eric fully at first, but over time, she’s come to appreciate what an incredible individual he truly is.

Kivye, Rondelle, and Hallion will play critical roles in Chapter 18 of A Sword King 178’s survival tale. Rondelle seems to resist Hallion’s attempts at romantic interest from Rondelle; this indicates they will clash shortly.

Kivye, Kivier’s messenger from the Goddess of Darkness, has come to Eric to help find Barolt and save Rathnia from Ormphlaus’ oppression. Additionally, she needs his aid in defeating Zenovia and Garhan.

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Leonhart and the Dargon King

Survival Story of a Sword King is an incredible manga series with many followers, giving readers a new experience in each chapter. Many fans of the series wonder when Survival Story of a Sword King Chapter 179 will be out – here is your answer: Survival Story of a Sword King Chapter 179 is set for release soon!

Sariphi, Lante, and Bennu come upon a peculiar, injured being chained up inside the palace. This is Archpriest Capel, resurrected as an undead creature by Set. Telepathically, he tells them how their previous king’s wife passed away without producing an heir, so he found an exiled twin who slept with a human before passing Leonhart off as his son – something Set did to avenge his defeat by Fenrir. He then revealed how Set crucified him to get revenge for Fenrir’s defeat by Fenrir.

Anubis tests Sariphi as Queen by demanding she summon a Holy Beast; however, due to lack of magic, she risks summoning an evil demon instead. Although she agrees to try, her attempts result in miscast spells and injuries, causing further frustration; eventually, she manages to summon Bennu, an arrogant baby phoenix that follows orders nonetheless.

As they travel back to Ozmargo, a messenger beast brings word that Fenrir has fled and plans on conquering Bolstobas. Anubis warns Leonhart not to get Sariphi with them because some citizens still dislike humans; reluctantly, he agrees and keeps her safe.

On their journey home, soldiers and beasts disrupt a celebration by an Ichthyan war hero named Galois, who insults Sariphi and his disfigured servant. Galois takes Sariphi back to his castle, where they share food before kissing each other passionately – leaving Sariphi embarrassed and blushing.

Jormungand, a captain in Leonhart’s royal guard, has long courted Princess Amit of the Reptile Clan; however, she remains shy and doesn’t express her affection until one day when she eventually tells him how much she loves him, and he returns her feelings; they then announce Leonhart is marrying Sariphi with everyone applauding wildly!

Ryu Han-bin and the Gigant

Garhan used his lightning powers to burn away the onrushing monsters, using Han-bin as his cane and Gigant as support. Though exhausted from exertion, Garhan could feel his Aura flowing throughout his body; if more was consumed from his fighting spirit, its effectiveness might fade quickly.

But Han-bin felt an urge to strike when he witnessed a giant demon Dog dismembered by Han-bin’s crosscut. Han-bin had learned a powerful technique that allowed him to create Aura bullets and shoot them at targets; although dangerous, this form of attack consumed vast quantities of his fighting spirit, and Han-bin wanted to test its potential to find out just how much power Giant would give him.

Soon, Han-bin was threatened by Lich’s powerful magic, as it attempted to penetrate Han-bin’s body with magical attacks, yet was no match for Han-bin’s quickness in deflecting them while his Gigant also suffered damage from these attempts. Suddenly, Lich became increasingly menacing. It attempted to penetrate him with magical attacks but could never keep up. Han-bin deflected many episodes, while his Gigant also took damage from these slashes.

Ryu Han-bin became terrified as the Lich lost control and exploded, shooting flames from its body. Ryu thought back to a woman he’d seen locked away in an underground prison who appeared distressed and covered in blood – someone suffering from extreme psychological trauma.

Han-bin remembered Kibie’s words about the Descent of the Thunder God being an effective strategy that could allow humans to defeat divine beasts – including those they faced off against at Grand Maze Kaltan. As Han-bin watched the burning monster, his mind returned to Kibie. She told him about its potential. She explained it would even allow humans to defeat those they battled there!

Baotolt was not confident he could outmatch the Top three. Instead, his only interest lay in tearing, beating, and breaking enemies – making him one of the most terrifying warriors in the Otherworld.