3M Window Film Singapore


Unprotected windows can expose you to direct sunlight that creates hot spots that force your air conditioning system to work harder, leading to hot spots that move air conditioners and heaters to work harder than necessary. 3M(tm) window films help reduce heat and glare while keeping your view unchanged and blocking harmful UV rays that discolor fabric furniture and fabrics over time. The best guide to finding privacy film singapore.

Pacco Window Film is a local licensed distributor and 3M certified applicator of Zonling window films, proudly providing their services for over 30 years to clients throughout Southern California.


Window film provides the ideal compromise between natural light and temperature regulation by filtering the sun’s rays while letting in fresh air and natural sunlight. By reflecting solar energy out into space and lowering interior temperatures, window film helps your air conditioner run less to keep temperatures at an acceptable level, saving money. Furthermore, it protects sensitive skin by shielding it against damaging UV rays – something blinds or curtains cannot do.

Windows and glass doors provide breathtaking views and plenty of natural light; however, they expose your family to heat that can damage valuable furnishings and artwork and cause skin issues. Professionally installed window film can solve all these problems without altering their appearance or blocking their view.

Window tint is an economical and attractive window covering solution for commercial and residential windows. Constructed using multiple layers of film bonded together using adhesives, its composition often includes special metals, dyes, or alloys to achieve specific properties desired by its end user. Window tint longevity depends on several factors, including its type and exposure to sunlight.

Various kinds of window tint are available today, and an alphabetic numbering system often determines their selection. Llumar’s silver reflective window film (RN07) is a trendy option that offers excellent heat rejection and privacy benefits and a stylish one-way mirror look suitable for any decor in any room.

Window films not only block solar heat, but they can also reduce glare. Excessive glare makes reading or watching television difficult and strains your eyes; it may even cause fatigue and headaches! Window films offer an ideal solution as they can cut glare by up to 95% while allowing enough visible light.

Window film provides several safety and security benefits in addition to aesthetic ones. Residential window films can help deter forced entry and reduce hazards associated with broken glass – something constructive if your area experiences high crime rates.


Jestac Window Film of Singapore specializes in solar film installation. Their residential and commercial films help reduce heat and glare, protect furnishings from UV rays, keep windows clear, provide privacy without blocking views to the outside world, meet LTA standards, are eco-friendly, meet LTA requirements, and come with a 15-year warranty when installed in commercial properties.

Jestac’s 3M window films are engineered to enhance comfort and safety without compromising aesthetics or transparency. By reducing sunlight entering your home, they can save on electricity bills while offering maximum protection against UV rays and heat. Their multi-layer optical technology provides maximum protection from harmful rays emitted from the sun’s radiation.

Window films from this company are manufactured with high-grade adhesive polyester and come in various tints and shades to meet your specific needs. Darker stains provide better glare blocking, while lighter ones allow more visible light. Its installation process is straightforward and guarantees a lifetime against peeling or discoloration.

This company has been active for nearly 30 years, serving a diverse clientele such as Burger King, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, and the Defense Science and Technology Agency. They sell window film that meets LTA standards; it is safe for children and pets and won’t interfere with mobile phone signals or the clarity of windows at nighttime.

Miredo Asia

If you want your home to appear luxurious, installing a 3m window film in Singapore may help. These films allow natural light into the house while simultaneously decreasing heat and UV rays that enter. Furthermore, they lower energy bills while protecting curtains, blinds, and furniture from being faded by direct sunlight. Plus, 3m window films are easy to maintain and add an attractive aesthetic – manufactured by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics; color-stable films that stick like glue make these windows an excellent solution.

Rikecool Automotive Film Limited is one of the premier companies for purchasing and installing window film in Singapore. Established in 1986, they provide various products, including antimicrobial films and kits, automotive solar films, and privacy window films, at competitive prices with free onsite visits and consultations.

Rikecool provides a selection of film designs that can be personalized to meet the needs of both residential and commercial spaces and come backed with a lifetime warranty. Their technicians are amiable and can answer any queries regarding the film you select for installation.

Rikecool also provides safety films to protect families with young children or older people in case their shower screen cracks by holding together glass shards that have broken loose from cracking screens and keeping you safe in case your screen shatters. They make an ideal solution in this regard.

This company’s anti-reflective and one-way mirror window films are ideal for commercial applications, including offices or retail windows. At the same time, they’re also great as residential privacy windows that can easily be installed.

Miredo Asia brings top-quality solar and window films from Japan and worldwide directly to Singapore. Each solar film uses materials proven to reduce heat, block UV/IR rays, protect interiors from damage, and save companies, schools, hospitals, and households 20-30% in energy costs by using Sumitomo Refleshine explicit heat-reflecting solar window films such as Sumitomo Refleshine transparent heat-reflecting solar window films; their popular Sumitomo Refleshine heat-reflecting solar window film series used widely by companies, schools hospitals homes; companies, schools hospitals even use Mirelight Care222 human-safe disinfecting far UV-C light technology which brings new technology that makes a living better; its Mirelight Care222 human-safe disinfecting filtered far UV-C light can make life better still!

Pacco Window Film

Pacco Window Film is an established wholesale trading company known for its reliable sales and marketing resources. It provides high-end window film solutions for homes and offices, including one-way mirror film to help protect privacy. Their team of experts is available to assist with selecting the ideal window tinting solution according to your budget. It needs to answer any inquiries about the different types of window films available today.

This company has been in operation for over three decades and provides an impressive variety of products suited for both commercial and residential purposes. Their state-of-the-art window film can reject high amounts of heat while allowing ample light, thus cutting air conditioner usage costs and protecting furniture, flooring, and loved ones from UV rays.

Miredo Asia is an established company known for customer education and quality service. Partnered with globally recognized firms like Sumitomo Japan to bring you top-quality solar window films manufactured using advanced trademarked technologies and premium materials – trusted by companies including JR Japan railway trains, Suntec City/Tower residents, and Bvlgari Orchard tenants worldwide.

Window Film Center of Virginia Beach provides various window film solutions suitable for application on different glass surfaces, such as decorative film, safety/security film, and automotive window film. Not only are these films easy and affordable to install, but they can add value and curb appeal to any home while being customized in color and pattern to fit seamlessly with existing decor.

Shield Perfect Limited offers an expansive selection of window films and has a team of knowledgeable installers ready to assist in choosing and installing them for you. Each installer is licensed and insured so that you can be confident they will do a superior job on your windows – they also offer free estimates and consultation so you can make informed decisions.

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