AVDG Partnering With Shore Capital Partners


Shore Capital Partners has contracted AVDG to integrate extensive A/V systems throughout their Chicago office. Click the link for more details!

Established in 2009, Shore Capital Partners is a lower-middle market private equity firm. They specialize in investing in microcap companies across healthcare, food/beverage, business services, and industrial industries.

Healthcare Partners

As healthcare industry trends, including competition and regulatory reforms, evolve rapidly, intelligent operators have realized that partnerships effectively seize value and create competitive advantages. From M&A deals to joint ventures, partnerships provide healthcare organizations with new capabilities while increasing scale and operational efficiencies.

As healthcare providers strive to control costs and enhance patient outcomes, they increasingly rely on strategic partners. These relationships enable providers better to align their financial, operational, and clinical performance to navigate a complicated reimbursement landscape successfully.

Whether you’re an established firm looking to expand or an emerging business navigating its way toward success, our team of experts is available to offer invaluable guidance and support. With years of industry expertise and proven results under their belts, they know just what to do.

As part of our comprehensive healthcare expertise, we possess an expansive network of healthcare and life sciences industry contacts who enable us to gain valuable insights into current trends and best practices for our clients.

At our client’s request, we work closely to understand their needs and implement tailored approaches that drive growth, profitability, and value creation. Our teams boast extensive healthcare and life science business experience as well as the subject matter expertise necessary for supporting numerous strategies.

Assured Healthcare Partners relies on sources it believes are reliable for its information on this page; however, Assured Healthcare Partners makes no guarantee of its accuracy. Nothing on this page should be seen as an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any interest in any entity managed by Assured Healthcare Partners and its affiliates; any such requests can only be made under a confidential private offering memorandum and final offering materials.

Industrial Partners

Industrial partners provide their expertise and competencies to companies for a fee, often for business planning or management services or accessing technology and tools that improve product or service quality. Furthermore, industrial partners may assist companies in creating new products or services or collaborate on joint projects that benefit both organizations involved.

Industry partners may include automotive parts manufacturers that offer customers a specialized coating service to create custom paint colors, making their business more cost-efficient. Industrial partners can also lower operating costs by providing cheaper materials or services and help enhance brand image development for companies.

Shore Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests in microcap companies across the Healthcare, Food and beverage, Business Services, and Industrial sectors. Operating out of Chicago and Nashville offices, they offer management teams capital, access to world-class board and operational resources, and unrivaled networking and development capabilities.

Since 2015, this firm has made over 80 platform and minority investments, add-on investments, and structured investments. Most assets fall into three main categories: buyout (lbo/mbo/mi), stake purchase (21%), and minority (5%) investments.

Shore is deeply committed to the concept that exceptional growth in lower middle market companies is not driven by luck alone but requires professional assistance, leadership, and capital from experienced investors to create a “Culture of Growth” for transformational expansion. Their team boasts extensive investing and business-building domain expertise across diverse industries like industrial growth, oilfield services, and technology.

According to Zippia, Shore Capital Partners employees earn an average annual salary of $68,900, well below the national average for private equity firms of $87,500. Furthermore, the company offers a 401(k) plan matching up to 3% of employee contributions and flexible working arrangements where staff can work remotely from their homes or other locations.

Real Estate Partners

Real estate partnerships offer investors a way to reduce risk and expand profit potential. Leveraging personal assets or credit can allow investors to invest in larger projects with fewer risks. But it is crucial that partners are appropriately selected and structured and their rules abided upon – hiring an experienced real estate attorney may assist in this regard.

Private real estate partnerships may also be more tax efficient than publicly traded ones, using depreciation and cost segregation strategies to reduce taxable income and free up capital for reinvesting into other profitable properties. Furthermore, pass-through earnings allow them to claim losses against other income.

As part of your real estate partnership, it’s essential that you carefully assess each partner’s strengths and weaknesses. An investment partner with similar financial resources and skills as you will likely not add much to the venture; someone with complementary assets such as lower interest rate loans could prove invaluable – providing more cash flow from rental properties!

Real estate partnerships must also have an action plan for handling issues during investments, such as when one partner’s finances become stretched or the property suffers damage, to avoid disputes threatening to jeopardize its profitability.

Relying on a partner to navigate the financial challenges associated with real estate investing can help mitigate some of its difficulties; however, it may not be necessary for every investor. In addition to contributing capital, real estate partners offer the motivation and expertise needed for your projects – working together can save both time and money in terms of labor and project completion costs. Using private lenders instead could also work, but be sure those you partner with are trustworthy.