Ahi Travel Reviews


If you want a great place to travel, read Ahi Travel Reviews. These reviews will give you information on the people who work at the company, the location, and ADA member discounts. You can also find out about the benefits and the employee’s salary. You can choose the best travel agency for your vacation needs using these resources. I know a family that has a great vacation with Ahi Travel, and they are very accommodating and caring.


AHI Travel is a travel agency. The company may also be known as Ahi International, Ahi Travel, or AHI. However, it is not clear whether the company is related to Ahi International Corporation. In the past, it has received varying reviews. This article aims to provide a more detailed look into AHI Travel’s work environment. To do so, Zippia analyzed employee data from AHI Travel.

The average salary at AHI Travel is $92,357. The salary range varies widely from $81,990 to $104,143, depending on the position and department. In addition, salaries can vary depending on experience and education. The table below shows the average salary for each position at the company, as well as the total compensation for each position. As you can see, salaries at Ahi Travel can vary quite a bit, so it’s important to consider the company’s culture and values before applying for a position.


The average salary for Ahi Travel employees is $92,357, ranging from $81,990 to $104,143 per year. Salaries may differ depending on experience, education, and local economic conditions. A salary comparison table shows the average salaries for Ahi Travel employees. Please note that the salary amounts will differ based on job title, level of responsibilities, and company. Read below to see how Ahi Travel compares to other companies in the travel industry.

Ahi Travel reviews are a great source of salary information. These reviews can provide insight into the company’s culture, working conditions, and compensation structure. You can see whether they’re looking for people with specific skills and whether the company provides training opportunities. You can also read about how long employees have been with the company, as Ahi Travel employees often share their salary information publicly. AHI Travel reviews can also reveal any negative aspects of the company.


AHI Travel is a good choice if you’re looking for an excellent travel company. Their reviews are based on employee experiences and can help you decide whether to use them. You can reach the company by phone at (800) 323-7373 or by mailing an inquiry to their headquarters. They can be found at 8550 W Bryn Mawr Ave #600, Chicago, IL 60631.

AHI is a leader in deluxe international travel programs. The design and organization of the itineraries appeal to discerning travelers seeking the most authentic travel experiences. Often called “Alumni Holidays,” the company’s innovative products and highly regarded alumni campus abroad programs set a new standard for travel in the U.S. It’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to AHI. Their comprehensive itineraries span the globe, from Asia to Europe to the Pacific.

ADA Member discounts

ADA Members receive a wide variety of endorsed travel services and products. These discounts range from early booking discounts of up to $250 to personalized customer service. AHI also offers early booking discounts of up to $250 on selected trips. As a member, you will receive a wide variety of benefits, including free flight reservations, discounts on hotel rooms and airfare, and assistance preparing for your trip. ADA membership is an excellent option for any traveler with so many benefits.

Company’s reputation

If you’re looking for a vacation package and are wondering if AHI Travel is a scam or not, look no further. Read on to discover what travelers have to say about this travel company. AHI is a company that takes care of its clients, and many travelers find that they end up making life-long friends. I’ve had two vacations with this company, and my parents were very happy with the experience.

AHI Travel is an American-based tour operator specializing in deluxe group travel. It was founded in Chicago in 1962 by the Small family, who still own the company today. In 1962, AHI Travel designed the first tour for college graduates and had been a leading luxury travel program operator. Today, the company serves professional groups, educated individuals, and museums. In addition to its extensive tour options, AHI Travel also offers customizable itineraries.