Top 5 Tropical Islands to Visit in India


India has many beautiful islands to visit. If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, look no further than the islands of India. These watery paradises offer all kinds of fun activities for visitors, including water sports, scuba diving, and beach parties. So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there are plenty of islands to choose from.

Havelock Island

One of the best things to do on Havelock Island is to spend some time on its beautiful beaches. The beaches here are known by number, based on their distance from the harbor. The most popular beach on Havelock Island is Radhanagar Beach, technically known as Beach Seven. It has received numerous accolades and is rated number six on the world’s best beaches list by Tripadvisor. The white sand and crystal clear waters make for a truly breathtaking experience.

Havelock Island is one of India’s most beautiful islands. The island is full of beautiful sights, from a pristine white sand beach to a beautiful sunrise. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. A visit to the island would not be complete without spending some time at one of these beaches.

Majuli Island

The island of Majuli lies in Assam and is home to various flora and fauna, including migratory birds in the winter. It also offers many unique cultural heritage experiences. One of the highlights is the Ali aye gang festival, celebrated with great enthusiasm in mid-February. The island is also home to many monasteries of the Assamese Neo-Vaishnavite culture. The island also features many Satras, traditional villages that allow visitors to explore village life.

People of different ethnic groups inhabit the island. Most people speak Assamese, and some speak Deori and Missing. Majuli enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate similar to northeast India and Nepal.

Christmas Island

A hidden paradise in the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is an excellent choice for a tropical getaway. This volcanic island is surrounded by lush rainforest and offers a mixture of beaches and coral shingle shores. However, since the island is highly remote, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance to cover the costs of any medical emergencies.

There are only about 2,000 permanent residents on Christmas Island. Despite its remoteness, the island has several modern amenities. For example, the Christmas Island Outdoor Cinema screens new releases and cult classics on the second Wednesday of the month. Ticket prices are around $5 per adult, and a small kiosk sells snacks. The island also offers excellent opportunities for underwater photography. Some travelers combine their trip to Christmas Island with a visit to the nearby Cocos (Keeling) Islands.


One of the most picturesque islands in the Arabian sea is Lakshadweep. It is home to 12 atolls and three coral reefs. One of its most famous attractions is the Ujra mosque, which is said to have curative properties. The island also has a marine museum and is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. The beaches here are also a paradise for nature lovers.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Lakshadweep, India’s smallest Union Territory. Its 36 islands are fringed by pristine coral sands, surrounded by turquoise waters, and feature abundant marine life. The islands’ infrastructure is surprisingly advanced, though no indigenous people live on them. Visitors can visit selected islands, but most islanders live a simple life of fishing, coconut farming, and coir twisting.

Lakshwadeep archipelago

The Lakshadweep archipelago is a perfect destination for those looking to spend quality time with nature. With its pristine beaches and lagoons, the islands are perfect for various water activities, including snorkeling and diving. In addition, the lagoons are renowned for their abundance of marine life, and several resorts offer night lagoon fishing.

Lakshadweep is a group of islands located off the southwest coast of India. It is home to numerous wildlife species, including turtles, dolphins, and colorful fish. It also has numerous coral reefs, making for excellent snorkeling.

St Mary’s

Located near the city of Udupi in Coastal Karnataka, St. Mary’s Islands are filled with volcanic rocks, columnar joints, and laminar lava. These volcanic rocks are hundreds of millions of years old and formed during sub-volcanic activity. You will not see any vehicles, shops, or hawkers on this idyllic island. The water around the island is crystal clear, and there is a small area where you can swim.

The ideal time to visit St Mary’s Island is from October to January. You’ll find the weather moderate and comfortable, which makes exploration easy and enjoyable. However, the island is closed during the monsoon season.

North Sentinel

A visit to the North Sentinel island in the Bay of Bengal is a trip into the unknown. The Sentinelese are known to fear outsiders and want to remain in isolation. Although contact with outsiders is forbidden, Indian officials visit the island for periodic censuses.

North Sentinel is a 4,700-hectare island, and its neighboring South Sentinel is just 161 ha in size. They are isolated from the rest of the world by a shallow reef and have no natural harbors. This means that visitors to the islands are unlikely to come across foreigners and may be in danger of being attacked by the Sentinelese.