Escapades in Peru – Things I Did for Thanksgiving Holiday


When I was a student, throughout high school, I hated British class. I didn’t excel in spelling, grammar, talk or writing. I offered a speech once upon why I shouldn’t need to give a speech (I believe I got a “D” upon it). I did like materials because I loved to see, but hated writing the actual book reports. If someone may have told me then that sooner or later I would be teaching, speaking, writing reports and testimonies, as well as thinking about writing some sort of book, I would never have assumed them.

Now I am not simply doing these things but also truly enjoying them. Even more astonishing is that some people say that they enjoy reading what I publish! And thank God intended for computers and spell pieces, which have been a big factor in this kind of.

First of all, I want to say thanks to Our God for allowing me to become here in Peru. The first 4 months or so here in Peru were very difficult emotionally. I am beginning to realize how difficult it is going to be to keep here for two months! Lord ready, I plan on returning, that makes it a lot easier.

So what DID I actually do for Thanksgiving anyway you might be asking by now. My friend Morayma, and three of my girlfriends, who are all learning tourism, wanted to see the visitor sights, meet the people and find out about the culture here in Cotahuasi and surrounding villages.

All of us visited many of the sights which Cotahuasi Canyon is famous for, such as the Rock Forest “Huito”, early ruins of Callac along with Maucallacta, the waterfalls involving Sophia and Uskuni, arctic baths at Luicho, plus the villages of Puica, Pampamarca, Alca, and Chicana. Many of us also talked with the mayors in each of these villages plus the girls asked them a lot of questions about the people, practices, tourist attractions and problems. Every single mayor said the big headaches are alcoholism, domestic violence along with government subsidies.

The first was a pair of problems I see or listen to almost every day and had been nothing new, but I had been surprised to hear them point out the subsidies. Why are they an issue? The children get free breakfast time and lunch in the colleges, as well as free health care. The actual mothers get free medical care and food for their infants. There are also various nongovernment businesses that provide various services as well as meet some needs. All of us as missionaries are trapped with requests to help fulfil financial and material requirements wherever we go, that we sometimes provide.

Due to all these good intentions as well as acts, many people have started to expect this “help” to be a “right” and have become very lazy. They don’t need to work for you to care for their family in order that they work just enough to get by simply or to buy as much alcohol consumption as they want. If the hubby isn’t home drunk along with abusing his family, typically the wife is just as likely to be doing the work. Almost no one produces over ‘just enough’ for their individual needs.

Transportation of products in order to be difficult but is starting to become easier every day with brand-new roads being built. Right now there needs to be a change in the hearts and minds and minds of the people to develop a change in their lifestyles. We were able to visit Isidoro and his family in Suni, where we received a warm welcome as usual.

Girls were playing with the kids and also working in the kitchen with his better half Monica, shelling dry habeas (like a lima bean) by walking on them around the dirt floor, and then cooking them and maize (corn) over a wood fire. I had developed briefly shared with them just how Isidoro had once recently been an alcoholic and accustomed to beating his wife. Following accepting Christ he has improved totally. He is now major the church in Suni, studying the Bible in addition to leadership training, and serving with the ministry in Chula, Cushpa and other villages preceding Suni. He and his friends and family are a beautiful testimony to the power of God to change day-to-day lives.

Many of the villages have just recently gotten, and more will soon receive energy. This would seem to make it preferable to spread the gospel, seeing that now they have lights and is particularly much easier to have Bible experiments and church services in the evening. But most of the larger cité also provide a rebroadcast connected with satellite TV so now the people commit their spare time watching TV. Or even in their homes, then browsing front of the open doors regarding stores, watching the TV inside. On Thursday we went to the end of the “under construction” road to Chicana.

We had been told that maybe was only a half hour’s walk from there to Chicana. After parking the car at the construction camp, climbing around a rock slide from your blasting and realizing that we’d much more than a 30-second walk, we were met by the young man with burros. He or she said that he had been provided to meeting a group and pondered if it was us. We all said we didn’t learn but Evelyn, Roseangela and many of the backpacks got to drive, which went well with the exception of Roseangela getting dumped the moment when her burro thought we would sit down.

About 20 minutes from Charcana I got definitely cold so put on my very own jacket, which helped to provide we were walking. When last but not least Charcana (after a couple of hours’ walk! ), most of us checked into our bedrooms at the hostel and I began to shiver from the cold. The remaining said they weren’t cool so I realized that it was merely me.

I put on a couple of more jackets, got in the sack in my sleeping bag, included up with blankets, and consumed two cups of hot teas before I finally ceased shivering. I felt ALRIGHT then but stayed in the sack while the women prepared Thanksgiving holiday dinner, chicken noodle soups with tuna, which most of us ate along with a couple of fecal material dry bread. Probably good that there wasn’t any pecan pie as I spent good evening hours back and forth to the bathroom having diarrhea. Needless to say, I had to help skip the four-time hike up to see the cavern paintings and stone posture above Charcana on Monday.

Morayma graciously insisted on staying with me to make sure I became OK so she decided not to get to go either. Different ones hired a guide and mounts to take them up the vertical mountain trail. Unfortunately, after they left at 5: 00 am, they forgot to find the camera from Morayma so they really didn’t get any images. Poor Roseangela, riding any horse this time, she had taken a header when the equine made a quick stop.

I had developed also hoped to visit together with Maritza, whom I had sent back to Cotahuasi with Doctor Ana, almost two years just before, to get treatment for a busted leg. She was a sufferer of abuse by the woman husband, when they were too drunk, he pushed the woman and she fell right into a hole, receiving compound bone injuries. She was working out within the field this time so regrettably, I didn’t get to consult her. It wasn’t a conventional Thanksgiving for me but I am thankful for the good period we had and that by the Weekend I was feeling fine as well as able to hike back to the vehicle.

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