Final Fantasy 16 Strategy Guide Download


Square Enix’s iconic RPG series Final Fantasy takes an unexpectedly dark turn with Final Fantasy XVI, telling an immersive tale of revenge, power struggles, and unavoidable tragedy. Meanwhile, this action-packed adventure boasts thrilling real-time combat that keeps audiences on their toes!

Play as Clive Rosfield, the son of backwater duchy Rosalith. Battle everything that moves using an easy real-time combat system designed for speed.


Final Fantasy 16 marks a substantial departure from its predecessors with many vital changes. Notable among these changes is the elimination of party-based combat and control; players instead assume control of Clive Rosenfield, who seeks revenge after tragedy strikes his family.

Square Enix has done an outstanding job of explaining this dramatic shift, so those unfamiliar with the franchise should have no difficulty picking up its systems reasonably quickly. However, if any aspects of gameplay pose any problem for you, perhaps this guide provides a helpful overview.

As new players may struggle with how equipment can be created and equipped, this guide provides an outline for making the best use of each piece of gear and its best locations to find them.

As players progress through the main story and collect more trophies, they’ll unlock powerful Eikons – summons that can be called into battle – as part of Final Fantasy 16. Our guides can assist in finding all Eikons within FF16 and learning their abilities.

Players will face off against some formidable enemies during Bounty Hunts and Notorious Marks, capable of eliminating an entire party if unprepared. Enemy guides should help level the playing field by offering tips on recognizing their attack patterns and weaknesses.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo is now live, offering potential fans an excellent opportunity to try the game before its official release date of June 22. Two hours can be spent playing through its Prologue mode; any progress made in the demo will continue into its full version.

Side Quests

Final Fantasy 16 features an epic storyline set across an idyllic land filled with large Eikons that battle to decide the fate of humanity, yet there’s much more to do in this massive RPG than just that. Sidequests allow players to explore this rich world while earning experience points and unlocking crafting materials at their leisure.

Side Quests can be easily identified by their distinctive green exclamation mark in a circle on the map or above an NPC in-world. They typically provide rewards like Gil, Ability Points, and Crafting Materials while helping Clive increase his Exp pool. Some side quests with greater importance also feature plus signs instead of exclamation marks; these so-called ‘Item Based’ quests offer Clive powerful upgrades like new weapons or high-level mounts!

Several side quests are available throughout the game, and players should complete them all before moving forward in their storyline. Furthermore, it’s wise to ensure you have nearly maximum Renown before the end of the main story because this will enable purchasing all Patron Items required to earn the Careful Whisper trophy.

Final Fantasy 16 may seem intimidating at times, with its abundance of side quests, yet each plays an integral part in creating its cinematic vision and expanding the story arc meaningfully. While its main narrative may focus on tragedy with Eikon clashes at its center, its endgame provides more joyous scenes, such as Jill reuniting with Clive. These small character-driven moments help set it apart from its peers and make this game unique.

Bounty Hunts

Final Fantasy 16’s vast world offers players plenty of freedom and exploring opportunities. Here, our guide can assist with getting to grips with its numerous side quests and bounty hunts through walkthroughs and tips on tackling these mechanics best.

Final Fantasy 16 offers plenty of side content, notably bounties and hunts. These side quests provide extra XP and money gains and the possibility to find rare items that can help craft some incredible gear in-game.

Players can locate these bounties by visiting the Hideaway, where Nektar will inform them of any available hunts. Hunt difficulty will vary between C-rank and A/S rank bounties; C-rank bounties typically require little assistance, while A and S-rank hunts may even challenge experienced players.

Once complete, hunters will provide various rewards to the player: Gil, XP, Ability Points, and Renown are just some of the available incentives, but often, the essential prize lies within tracking down Eikons – powerful summons used in combat that also grant valuable skills to their owners.

Eikons grant players access to different skills based on certain elements; for instance, Phoenixes allow airborne attacks, while Ramuhs provide ranged damage. Furthermore, throughout their story journey, players will have opportunities to upgrade Eikons at various points for increased strength and increased effects from their abilities.

Are You Curious about Final Fantasy 16’s Action Combat? Download the Prologue Demo announced during the Pre-Launch Celebration Livestream on June 12th, 2023, to experience some of its action combat in a limited capacity. Save data will transfer over from Prologue to Base Game as it becomes playable; additionally, there will be Eikonic Challenge Mode, which offers little experience of its action combat!

Notorious Marks

Final Fantasy has always been known to introduce fresh mechanics and novel ideas into its games, and this year’s installment is no different. One of its hallmark features, ‘Active Time Lore,’ allows players to hold down a button during cutscenes to access glossary information about characters and locations featured quickly. Furthermore, its world can be seen from any angle, making discovering hidden areas much simpler or revealing something unexpected in familiar locales easier than ever.

Though the main story in FF16 can quickly be finished without sidequests, Valisthea offers plenty of other activities that will keep you engaged throughout. Notorious Marks are dangerous beasts that can be hunted and defeated for rewards; these can be found all across Valisthea Zones and provide Gil, XP, and Renown that are used for crafting weapons.

Moogle Nektar can track Notorious Marks on the Hunt Board, which will notify you when one is nearby. Since these enemies can withstand considerable punishment, being prepared is vital when hunting them down – plus, these enemies often drop some of the best weapons in FF16! They should be given priority status.

Notorious Marks aren’t the only targets on the Hunt Board to fight and defeat for rewards; you may also encounter monsters, distinctive-looking adversaries, and Eikons themselves, who grant skills that unlock new attacks and abilities for Clive.

Whether discovering Valisthea or fighting its challenging combat, Final Fantasy 16 offers plenty to keep players busy. But with its various systems and mechanics, players can quickly become disoriented if returning after an absence. However, this guide will help players understand its essential elements as they combine to produce an immersive and captivating experience – from its main story through side quests and Eikons to powerful Eikons!