Fitbit Inspire 2 Review: Impressive Entry-Level Fitness Tracker


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Fitbit Inspire 2 Review – The Inspire 2 is the cheapest member of the Fitbit family, effectively replacing the Inspire HR that launched in 2019, aimed at those who want to follow the basics of tracking.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review

The Inspire 2 largely adheres to the same formula as the Inspire HR, making welcome design improvements, increasing battery life to last longer than any other Fitbit device, and giving you a tracking experience that feels very easy to handle.

With companies like Samsung, Huawei, Amazfit, and Xiaomi also making the budget tracker space a more competitive place, does the Fitbit Inspire 2 do enough to steer clear of its more affordable rivals?


  • Large and small bracelet options
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters (5ATM)
  • Finishes: Black, Moon White, Desert Rose

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review – With the Inspire 2, Fitbit is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Put one side by side with an Inspire HR, and it will be hard to tell the difference between the two. The colored silicone bands are removable and come in small and large size options.

The grayscale touchscreen, which looks slightly more curved, is now 20% brighter than the previous Inspire, a welcome move. Now there’s a dim mode when you don’t need that extra touch of brightness, which can be turned off when you need it.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review – It certainly offers an improvement for visibility in bright outdoor light. Still, it seems like it might be time to ditch the grayscale OLED display and change the color like its competitors have done – Xiaomi, Amazfit, and Samsung all offer great display options. In color for less money.


  • 24/7 follow-up
  • GPS connected
  • Guided breathing
  • 20+ exercise modes
  • Additional health information on Fitbit Premium

Fitness tracking is what Fitbit does best, so it’s no wonder that’s where the Inspire 2’s key features lie.

The sensors that make that happen haven’t changed since the latest Inspire models. There is an accelerometer to track steps and enable automatic sleep monitoring.

It also has that optical heart rate monitor, which unlocks various features and is still best suited for daily monitoring rather than running it during exercise. You still don’t have an altimeter to track elevation like floor rises, which you also get on Fitbit’s flagship Charge 4.

Performance and battery life

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Up to 10 days of battery life
  • Sleep tracking

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review – Those basic fitness tracking features are what the Inspire 2 does best. Step counts are mainly in line with the fitness tracking features on a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, which also offers similar distance data—traveled and calories. While those inactivity alerts aren’t groundbreaking, it’s a little way to make sure you stay on the go throughout the day.

When you switch to sleep, the Inspire 2’s slim and lightweight design makes it a comfortable tracker to take to bed first and foremost. Fitbit offers some of the best sleep tracking features in the industry. Compared to the Fitbit Sense and Withings Sleep Analyzer, we were pretty satisfied with the type of data that Fitbit gave us.


Fitbit Inspire 2 Review – Fitbit’s companion app, which is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices, remains one of its key strengths and a primary reason why you would choose one of its trackers over cheaper alternatives.

It’s easy to use, and if you want additional motivation to stay on top of your goals, it’s available too. Today’s main screen will give you a snapshot of your daily data and can be edited to show the data that matters to you.


The Fitbit Inspire 2 Review sticks to a familiar formula, covering the basics of tracking while wrapping it in a design that’s comfortable to wear all the time.

The screen changes for this model are welcome (extra brightness, yay), and if you care about steps, sleep, and heart rate control during the day and night, it will be beneficial.

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