Wheelchair Carrier For Car


A wheelchair carrier for cars enables individuals with physical disabilities to transport their wheelchairs or scooters quickly and conveniently safely. The page folds away easily against their vehicle when not being used and comes equipped with tie-down points to secure it against being unknowingly left in place by other cars or passengers. Obtain the Best information about خودروبر.

There are four basic styles of carriers to consider when selecting one for your car and your individual needs. Becoming familiar with them will help you choose one that best meets these specifications.


As someone who uses a wheelchair themselves or who cares for someone who does, you understand the significance of traveling freely and easily. A wheelchair carrier for your car provides this capability by enabling you to transport your chair on its back rather than taking up precious cabin or trunk space and making journeys more comfortable overall.

There are numerous types of wheelchair carriers on the market today, all designed to function similarly. Towed behind your car, they feature either ramps or platforms to lift your wheelchair into place. Some models even fold up for convenient storage when not needed.

Hitch-mounted lifts are among the most sought-after wheelchair carriers, attaching directly to your receiver hitch and using an electric motor to elevate your mobility device off of the ground. They’re easily attachable to any car, SUV, or truck with a class II or higher hitch and are ideal for those who cannot drive their wheelchair but still require transportation services.

This wheelchair carrier can carry up to 500 pounds, making it suitable for hauling any scooter or mobility device. With its built-in ramp for easy loading and designed 5.1″ wall sides that keep the wheelchair secure while traveling, this basic design offers enough support for most needs.

This hitch-mounted wheelchair carrier stands out by being simple to operate with its remote control feature, making lowering and raising effortless. Plus, weatherproof construction protects your chair from elements while fitting most trailer hitches easily for towing; plus, it includes one hitch tightener set and two packs of ratchet straps to keep it secure on its ride.

Bumper Mounted

A bumper-mounted wheelchair carrier is a hitch-mounted mobility aid that enables you to transport a wheelchair or scooter with your vehicle. It connects directly to the towing hitch receiver of any car, truck, van, or SUV and can easily be lowered for loading devices such as wheelchairs and scooters before being raised by hand or flipping a switch – these wheelchair carriers for cars have high-weight capacities with easier use than trunks or backseats as they feature secure belts in their platform to prevent any devices from falling off during transport!

These wheelchair carriers are one of the more cost-effective methods of transporting manual chairs. They feature a built-in ramp to load them and are designed to fold flat against the rear of your vehicle when not in use. Installation will require drilling holes into your bumper; these holes can then be filled when you wish to uninstall or remove your carrier later on.

This wheelchair carrier is an excellent choice for pick-up trucks. Designed to carry large wheelchairs or scooters safely, this ramped carrier includes an accessible loading ramp to help load devices into and out of your vehicle with minimal effort. Plus, with adjustable lowering and raising controls on a switch switch, accessing devices is simple! Plus, its lightweight material resists corrosion, and it has anchor points for additional tie-downs, providing ample support in any weather!

Before purchasing a wheelchair carrier, it’s essential to understand its differences. Your type of car and wheelchair, vehicle specifications, and intended use all factor into selecting an optimal page based on capacity considerations.

This automatic roof-mounted lift carrier is an excellent way to transport a wheelchair in an enclosed environment that offers protection from the elements while remaining accessible by its driver. It is controlled with switches and features an electric hoist that automatically lifts it onto its platform platform.

Roof Mounted

A wheelchair carrier for your car can be the ideal way to transport a wheelchair without taking up valuable cabin or trunk space. This practical device mounts to the roof of your vehicle and makes loading and unloading your chair effortless without leaving your driver’s seat. Your wheelchair lift also frees up space inside your car for passengers or additional cargo, creating more room to store their needs and yours. When selecting a lift type to purchase, be sure to consider the specifications for both the wheelchair and the vehicle when making this decision. There are four basic styles of wheelchair carriers for cars: automatic car-top carriers, bumper-mounted carriers, hitch-mounted carriers, and roof-mounted carriers. An NMEDA Quality Assurance Program dealer can assist in helping identify which option would best meet your circumstances and needs.

Hitch-mounted lifts are the go-to wheelchair carrier solution for cars, connecting directly to your trailer hitch receiver through a unique ball mount or drawbar. These carriers can be compatible with many vehicle types, including sedans, minivans, and SUVs, and are capable of lifting up to 500 pounds safely and steadily while offering a safe, stable ride for your wheelchair or scooter. Most come standard with tie-down straps to secure them securely against weather elements, while some even feature weatherproof transport covers to protect them further from inclement conditions.

Bumper-mounted wheelchair carriers are another viable choice, designed to fold away when not in use and give full access to the trunk or rear of a vehicle. Equipped with ramps to facilitate loading and unloading, they tend to be easier to operate than hitch-mounted carriers – even featuring swing arms to allow users to park their wheelchairs while driving and anti-rattle mechanisms to reduce bumping or shaking during transport.

Roof-mounted wheelchair carriers for cars offer an ideal solution for people who prioritize interior space. Easy to use, they often feature retractable ramps that can be lowered with just the press of a button; installation is quick, and they can even be painted or vinyl striped to match your vehicle color scheme! One popular roof-mounted wheelchair carrier from BraunAbility called Chair Topper can be fitted into most vehicles quickly; powered operation makes loading and retrieving wheelchairs simple within just 30 seconds!

Arm Mounted

A wheelchair carrier for a car can assist people who use wheelchairs in traveling safely and comfortably. There are different styles of these carriers available – automatic car-top carriers, bumper-mounted carriers, and hitch-scaled models that provide safe transport of chairs while on the move. Your choice should depend on both individual needs and budget considerations.

An exemplary wheelchair carrier for a car comprises a support plate 66 with perpendicularly spaced attachment brackets 68. Furthermore, two support forks 70, each having ends 70a and 70b, which extend upwardly and arcuately curve towards one another, are located above this support plate 66. A clamp 72 interconnects these support forks and functions to frictionally engage an arm of a wheelchair carried by this carrier assembly ten between their clamp and support forks in the pivot member vertical carrying position.

One type of wheelchair carrier for cars is the power lift carrier that sits inside the rear cargo area of vehicles, such as SUVs, specific models of estate wagons, vans, and pick-up trucks. These carriers use an electric motor-driven hoist to lift wheelchairs into place – ideal for people who wish to maximize the use of their car while being unable to lift their chair themselves. But weight capacities must also be taken into consideration with this type of carrier.

Hitch-mounted carriers are an affordable and user-friendly alternative, featuring tilting arms to load wheelchairs from below and locking mechanisms when not in use. Furthermore, this type of carrier can be easily used with any drawbar or ball mount on the vehicle; some are manually operated, while others use automatic switch activation – all making this option ideal for most people.

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