FitRight Ultra Diapers – Heavy Protection For Urinary Incontinence


FitRight Ultra adult diapers provide heavy protection for managing both bowel and urinary incontinence. Their moisture alert wetness indicator and soft, flexible anti-leak guards with a cloth-like natural feel offer additional peace of mind.

This body-contoured anatomical design makes putting on the diaper easy, making it feel like regular underwear rather than other diapers, promoting dignity, mobility, and independence for each wearer.

Soft Anti-Leak Guards

Adult diapers and undergarments that can accommodate sudden bowel movements or loss of bladder control are essential to living an excellent quality of life. Such underwear provides wearers with comfort and dignity, enabling them to participate in all sorts of activities, including socializing with family and friends and engaging in leisurely pursuits. Furthermore, such apparel also allows quick changing for individuals with limited mobility who require such products.

These adult diapers provide a comfortable, soft feel and feature skin-safe tab closures that can be adjusted and fastened without irritation. Their anatomically contoured design includes soft antileak guards to minimize leakage for superior incontinence containment, with an acquisition/dryness layer wicking away moisture to promote skin integrity, super absorbency core dispensing fluid quickly for exceptional protection, linear embossing evenly distributing fluid throughout its core without bulking in one spot, size printed on backsheet making identification effortless!

These disposable protective underwear are specifically tailored to support moderate urinary incontinence. With the capacity of absorbing up to 24 ounces (3 cups or 710ml), this protective apparel can absorb bladder and bowel leakage up to 24 ounces (3 cups). Their cloth-like backsheet provides a garment-like, natural feeling experience while its breathable side panels increase airflow for enhanced comfort. Active side elastics form cup shapes conforming to body curves while their secure fit prevents unwanted movement or slippage.