Gore C5 Bib Shorts Review


If you’re searching for cycling shorts that will suit different conditions, these could be worth considering.

These bib shorts are ideal for road cyclists who take their rides seriously enough to require additional support. Equipped with an accommodating chamois and lay-flat straps for comfort and a panel of Windstopper in front to block out cold breezes after an exhilarating climb, they offer ample support during any ride.


These bibs are explicitly tailored for enthusiast road cyclists. They can withstand a range of riding conditions that an enthusiast might face, from short group rides around the block or joining long Sportives – these pieces should always remain part of your kit bag throughout the season.

Gore C5 Bib Shorts are constructed of breathable fabric designed to keep sweat and heat off your body when pedaling hard and offer a windproof front section to shield you from cold breezes as soon as you finish a climb.

These bibs feature a preformed seat insert optimized for forward-leaning road riding positions, narrowing the contact point between you and the saddle to reduce pressure in sensitive areas and help prevent saddle sores over an extended day in the saddle. Their fabric boasts high polyamide content, which should resist wear and tear, and good seam placement limits structural weaknesses.


These stand out from a market filled with generic bib shorts thanks to a vibrant color choice and a Windstopper panel on the bib. They stand out thanks to attractive features: flashy colors and Windstopper panels on both bibs.

These bibs forgo zippered leg cuffs for more natural stretch, making these easier to put on and off, although you may take longer pulling up or down socks than with zip-up pairs.

Gore C5 Bib Shorts feature an advanced blend of polyamide fibers that keeps them tight and inflexible, using a leaner, less dense chamois pad to keep long rides from feeling like diapers and an innovative WINDSTOPPER cup that limits how much water seeps into them when riding downhill after an aggressive climb – one reason these shorts make our top pick for fast rides like crits or fast, tight passages.


A bib-style design eliminates the need for waistbands, thus minimizing chafing potential and minimizing contact with sensitive areas. Lightweight yet soft and form-fitting, they feel like an open hug!

Gore has designed these shorts with an Elastic Interface-branded chamois that falls in the Advanced category – meaning it is slim and designed for challenging races or short, fast rides. While not entirely up to Assos’ ultra-distance Cento bibs’ kukuPenthouse layer standard, these shorts still deliver on their promise of performance.

Windstopper in the front cup area adds a little warmth but isn’t necessary on these summer-weight bibs. Their lightweight construction makes them softer and stretchier than most long-distance options, perfect for rides up to six hours, but more padding might be necessary after that point.


Gore’s C5 Optiline Bib Shorts+ stand out among a competitive category of bib shorts by their quality and feature set. Their comfortable second skin fit provides enough compression to engage muscles for action and keep them ready.

These bibs from Gore’s Advanced Road range feature Windstopper fabric on the front, offering extra protection from wind chill and road spray. Ideal for enthusiasts riding long days on the saddle.

The Chamois used in other Advanced level Gore bibs are identical; a medium-density two-layer construction made by Elastic Interface. While this model should fit most people comfortably, if you ride more than six hours at a time, opting for something with extra padding might be wiser.