How to Watch McGregor Vs Poirier 2


There are several ways to watch McGregor vs Poirier 2. You can watch the main event or Prelims. If you want to stream the fight, you should go with the PPV. The PPV is a great option because you can watch it on your television at home. In addition, it will allow you to pause and rewind, so you can watch the fight whenever you want.

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2

UFC 257 will take place in January 2021. The UFC has confirmed that the fight will occur in Abu Dhabi at the Etihad Arena. This event will take place on January 24th, 2021. It is scheduled to be broadcast on pay-per-view.

Dustin Poirier has been a popular lightweight contender in the UFC for several years, but he could not win against McGregor in their first bout. After losing to McGregor in 2015, Poirier moved to lightweight and won four straight fights. In his last fight, he beat Max Holloway and earned an interim lightweight title. Poirier, meanwhile, lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2019. He was now coming off a unanimous victory over Dan Hooker in June 2020.

The first round of Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2 was an exciting bout, with both fighters securing their takedowns and trading blows. In the second round, McGregor was hurt by a calf kick that Poirier landed. As a result, he couldn’t move properly, and Poirier took advantage of it by landing a stiff check hook and circling McGregor against the cage. As a result, McGregor could not counter Poirier’s strikes, and Poirier knocked him out in the second round.


Conor McGregor opened the Prelims of Mcgregor v-Poirier 2 with a stinging left hand, and Dustin Poirier quickly responded. He landed a right hook and continued to attack his calf of McGregor, which was clearly in pain. McGregor struggled to move well and lacked snap, and Poirier piled on the pressure. He eventually knocked McGregor out at 2:32.

Both men are one shot away from victory, and neither is afraid to make that shot. However, neither fighter has a clear path to victory. Poirier is the better overall mixed martial artist, while McGregor’s inconsistency leaves him vulnerable to leg kicks. In addition, Poirier has been grinding for a year and is considered a top contender in the 155-pound division. While McGregor is a top-ranked featherweight, he hasn’t fought in nearly as long as Poirier. He’s also taken some time off from the sport following his January knockout loss.

The main card is expected to start at 7 am local time. The prelims are aired live on ESPN+ in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK. UFC Fight Pass subscribers can also watch the early prelims live on the app. UFC PPVs are added to Fight Pass about a month after the event.

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Main event

The winner of the Mcgregor vs Poirier two main events will earn the next shot at the lightweight championship of the UFC. Conor McGregor is one of the most popular MMA fighters in the world, having won two lightweight belts in 2015 and 2016. After Khabib Nurmagomedov retired, McGregor is in a prime position for a title shot.

The lightweight division is very competitive, and both McGregor and Poirier have a history of impressive performances. Their first meeting ended with McGregor winning the fight in the first round. The rematch was almost a rematch of that fight, and Poirier’s devastating set the tempo of the fightcalf kick. In a very entertaining fight, the two men traded blows, and the fight went into the second round.

Poirier, the higher-ranked lightweight, opened as a -180 favourite, which meant a bettor would have to bet $180 to win $100. However, as the fight progressed, the odds worsened, and many bettors bet on McGregor. Dustin Poirier took advantage of this by dropping from featherweight to lightweight. This weight change allowed Poirier to maintain his fighting style better and was more comfortable with the added weight.


Mcgregor is among the most popular UFC fighters, and his fights regularly sell out pay-per-view. His last fight against Jose Aldo ended in a stunning 13-second knockout. The Irishman has also become the UFC’s poster boy.

The two-fight UFC PPV will be broadcast live online. Fans can stream the event on the ESPN Plus app. The event will also be available on ESPN. The UFC has several PPVs each year. Mcgregor vs Poirier is set for April 23rd in Las Vegas.

This fight is the most significant event in UFC history and will feature two of the sport’s biggest stars. Conor McGregor will make his third appearance in the Octagon since 2016, and Khabib Nurmagomedov may not be ready to retire yet. This fight is expected to be so popular that UFC president Dana White has warned fans to buy their PPVs early.

The lightweight division will be in the spotlight during the fight. Poirier moved to lightweight from the middleweight division, and this is the division in which the two will face each other. They will be fighting for the lightweight title, which Khabib Nurmagomedov holds. Although the former champion announced his retirement, he hasn’t vacated it.