Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas


You can use vintage touches, unfinished wooden furniture, and metal accents if you want to give your home an industrial farmhouse style. You can also use edgy metal interiors and exposed wiring to provide a more rugged and authentic look. Industrial farmhouse decor features rustic metals, exposed wiring, and vintage bulbs.

Unfinished wooden furniture

If you’re going for industrial farmhouse decor, you might consider using unfinished wooden furniture. This decor style combines the stark functionality of factories with the cozy feel of a farmhouse. It is the perfect style for those who like to mix and match a mixture of rustic and refined elements.

The farmhouse decor is filled with wood. Wood floors, walls, and ceilings are typical in this type of decor. You can also find industrial-style wooden furniture mixed with other materials. Shiplap, beadboard, and rough wood ceiling beams are great accents for this type of decor. You can always add smoother wood pieces if you don’t want to go that route.

Metal accents

Metal accents are often associated with an industrial farmhouse decor theme. These accents can soften the harsh and cold features of this style. Neutral colors such as white, cream, or beige will soften the metal look. You can also try incorporating a black-and-white graphic pattern into your decor.

Metal accents are a great way to give any room an industrial feel while blending in with a rustic farmhouse look. For example, a distressed wood dining room table can have metal legs and a metal band on the tabletop.

Vintage touches

Industrial and farmhouse styles are pretty different, but both use natural materials and respond to their surroundings. Depending on your personal preferences, you can combine elements of each technique. For instance, if you like the look of industrial farmhouse decor, you can combine metals and wood with some aspects of farmhouse style.

You can use a wooden table to add a vintage touch to your industrial farmhouse decor. You can place it beside your sofa or the TV. This table can be rearranged easily and is made of durable wood and metal. Moreover, it has an adjustable shelf for books and a decorative top.

Rustic woods

When looking for rustic farmhouse decor ideas, consider using significant wood elements. These rustic pieces will lend a rustic feel to the room but still have a refined, modern sense. For example, the Brownstone Cocktail Table is refined but still evokes a rustic style. Likewise, the Meadow Panel Complete Bedroom Set exudes rustic sophistication. Its weathered gray finish adds to the wood color variation and provides a tone contrast.

You can also look for reclaimed wood. This type of wood has been refinished and is still functional but retains its original properties. If you’re interested in purchasing recycled wood, look for wide-plank boards for your flooring. You can also find rustic pieces with matte finishes.


White industrial farmhouse decor is a great way to reuse old industrial pieces. Typically, you’ll find metal accents such as black metal shelving. However, you can incorporate softer touches such as white-wash picture frames and blankets. This look will help make even the smallest apartment room look larger. Purchasing items at secondhand and upcycling stores will help you save money on decor and help support local businesses.

You can incorporate a rustic yet elegant touch into your room with a white farmhouse-style lamp or table. Decorative accents like burlap flowers or distressed lamp bases will add a touch of rustic charm to your space. If you prefer, you can also use blackboard or corkboard paint to add more texture to your area. You can even display pinecones or candles on mantle brackets to add a rustic touch.

Neutral colors

Farmhouse decor is a style with a classic countryside feel. This style makes good use of neutral colors and soft hues. This color scheme can be easily changed to suit the season and varying needs of the homeowners. For example, you can use sage green or navy blue accent colors in your home’s decor. Incorporate wood and metal elements into the decor for a cohesive look.

Industrial farmhouse decor is most often characterized by neutral colors, such as black, brown, tan, and gray. This color palette is often complemented by natural materials, such as brick and wood. Some pieces of industrial decor may even have exposed elements, such as old doors or windows.