IRCTC Full Form


You may not know the complete form of IRCTC, but it is an acronym for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways and offers online ticket booking. It also accepts credit and debit cards. Whether traveling in India or abroad, you can use IRCTC as your ticketing agent.

IRCTC stands for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways, a department of the Ministry of Railways in the government of India. It provides ticketing, catering, and tourism services to passengers. To learn more about the services offered, read the following sections of this article.

IRCTC provides clean, pure drinking water at all stations for a minimal cost. The company is also working on a mobile app to make ticket purchasing and payment more accessible and convenient for passengers. The new E-Ticketing system is expected to go live on 31 December 2020. However, the IRCTC has been criticized for its failure to protect the privacy of its passengers. It has suffered from multiple data leaks and has been accused of using personal information for promotional purposes.

IRCTC’s mission is to improve customer service, travel, and hospitality. To accomplish this, it has implemented several technological advances and is committed to expanding its reach. These innovations include online payment options, better technology, and better marketing and operations.

It is a subsidiary of Indian Railways.

Among the various public sector enterprises in India, IRCTC is one of the most successful. The company is heavily dependent on the Indian Railways, and any policy changes will affect its profitability. For instance, it can’t pass on the cost of raw ingredients to its customers because the Indian Railways controls its prices. IRCTC also gets its revenues from four broad business segments:

The company runs the IRCTC website and provides value-added services like retiring rooms, executive lounges, and budget hotels at major railway stations. It also provides railway ticket booking services on the Internet. In 2002, it made its foray into the Indian Railways’ online ticketing system. It is the only company authorized by the Indian Railways to sell tickets online.

It provides an online ticket booking facility.

IRCTC is an online ticket booking service run by the Government of India. The company has six lakh registered users and processes five lakh daily bookings. It also organizes various package tours. Its headquarter is in New Delhi, with five regional offices. It has won several awards. It provides online ticket payment and offers frequent travelers a travel card.

IRCTC’s full name is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The corporation was founded on 27 September 1999 and is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways. The company’s mission is to improve customer services in travel, hospitality, and railway catering. The organization promotes public-private partnerships and strives to maintain high standards of business ethics. Online ticket booking is one of IRCTC’s primary revenue sources.

It accepts debit and credit cards.

Indian Railways recently announced that they would accept debit and credit cards on their website. This will allow travelers to pay for their tickets without having to deal with intermediaries. To date, IRCTC has partnered with seven digital payment gateways, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, Axis Bank, and Paytm. The new integration will allow travelers to pay using their credit or debit cards, regardless of where they live.

To make the booking process even more convenient, IRCTC has partnered with Union Bank of India to introduce a debit card specifically for the IRCTC website. This new card does not require a Union Bank of India account and allows faster checkout. The card comes in a physical card and a virtual version. However, the most commonly used payment method for booking tickets is debit and credit cards.

It has helpline numbers.

The IRCTC is an acronym for Indian Railways Corporation and is responsible for much of India’s tourism. It offers packages ranging from cheap “Bharat Darshan” to luxurious “Maharajas’s Express.” The company recently launched the Miura mobile application, which provides a quick and easy way to book and manage railway tickets.

A PNR number is a 10-digit number assigned to each passenger on an Indian Railways train. These numbers give ticket holders access to various information about their tickets. This information includes the reservation status, departure and arrival time, train details, and seat numbers. A single PNR can be used for up to six passengers.