Mi Band 5 Review – Like the previous generation of bracelets, Mi Band 5 is also divided into standard version and NFC version, both of which support a large dynamic color display, 50-meter water resistance, 11 sports modes, new female health, 24-hour sleep monitoring, 14 days Long battery life, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, magnetic charging, and other functions. To know more about cnnislands click here.


In addition, compared with the standard version, the NFC version has more intelligent assistants, smart home control, and multi-function NFC functions. You can choose according to your needs. This time we experienced the NFC version.

Mi Band 5 review: not amazing, but a solid improvement

Sometimes I have to admire Xiaomi. Thanks to Xiaomi’s efforts, many products have entered a state of civilianization, such as smart bracelets. I remember that many smart bracelets were sold for more than 1,000 yuan before. The upper function is not so powerful.

After the Xiaomi bracelet was born, the entire bracelet market was almost occupied by Xiaomi. You can enjoy a pretty good experience at a price of about 200 yuan, and you can often see the Xiaomi bracelet even when you walk on the street.

Today, the Xiaomi Mi Band has been updated to the 5th generation. This product is not a very amazing upgrade. After all, the functions of the smart band have been explored. Nowadays, the accuracy of the algorithm is improved.

At most, add some more detailed health monitoring capabilities. Compared with the leapfrog upgrade from Mi Band 3 to Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5 mainly makes up for the previous deficiencies.

Seven new features added, no price increase

When it comes to smart bracelets, Xiaomi can’t get around it anyway. Since its inception in 2014, it has become the king of the wearable device market after several years of development. According to IDC data, as of 2019, Xiaomi has become the second-largest smart wearable brand globally and the largest in China.

Mi Band 5 Review

This month, Xiaomi released a new generation of Mi Band 5 Review with seven new functions, bringing a brand new experience. A few days ago, we also received this new bracelet; let’s look at its specific performance.

Mi Band 5 review: increasingly innovative, confirms itself as the QUEEN of low-cost wearables.

Just announced in the international market, the Mi Band 5 Review has aroused a lot of enthusiasm among fans of the Asian brand, in consideration of the novelties that presented an NFC sensor with which to pay in Mastercard circuits, a sensor to detect the value of SpO2 as well as Alexa support.

On the other hand, for the Global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review, none of this is available to users who will have to “settle” for a version that ultimately does not justify the generational leap for those who already own a version of Mi Band 4.

For all others, on the other hand, you have to keep reading this review and discover the most interesting news that makes this Mi Band 5, however interesting it may be in the eyes of the technicians.

One thing is sure, today the Mi Band 5 offers a lot of functions, and perhaps the screen and the overall dimensions of the product are beginning to get somewhat tight. In general, web of shortcomings compared with the Chinese edition, this new generation enhances from several points of view compared to the previous version. Still, they do not warrant an update.


For all those that wish to get nearer to the world of smart rings or who have Mi Band models other than 4, then the purchase is recommended. The modest additional functions are not revolutionary, but in everyday use, they make a difference and, above all, arouse the desire to attempt them.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review does everything that is expected of a gadget of this type and also offers something else at a very aggressive price, but above all, what it does, it does it superbly.

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