Microwave Oven Reviews for 2023


The best way to determine whether a microwave oven is worth the money you spend is to read reviews on various brands. We have rounded up some of our favourites. Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, and Toshiba all make excellent microwaves. Here’s a look at each brand’s microwave. So which model is right for your kitchen? Read on to learn more. And remember, choosing the top brand is unnecessary when you don’t know which features to look for.


If you’re looking for a microwave oven with many features, consider buying a Panasonic model. These microwaves are equipped with a Genius Sensor, a feature that senses the steam level in food and automatically adjusts cooking times. You can even save leftovers! These microwaves are also equipped with 14 auto-cooking functions so that you can easily cook any food. Here are some Panasonic microwave oven reviews for 2023 to help you decide if they’re right for you.

The NN-SD997S is an impressive option. With a 2.2-cubic-foot capacity and an inverter technology, this microwave is said to cook delicate foods better than most traditional microwaves. The microwave oven features a moisture sensor. Its slim, sleek design and many advanced features make this model a great choice for busy households. Listed below are some of the features of this Panasonic microwave oven.

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Choose the size that best suits your needs when looking for a new microwave. For example, the NN-SN686S may be perfect for your needs if you’re on a budget. In addition to its large capacity, the Panasonic NN-CD87KS, dubbed “Home Chef,” is a great option for busy households. It also features a child lock, touchscreen controls, a 1.2 cu: ft. capacity, and 1000 watts of power.


As far as countertop microwaves go, the Sharp R330NR stands out. This unit boasts an eye-catching red fascia and sleek design, as well as a pictorial key sheet that explains how to operate it. With up to 1100-watt output power and five preset cooking modes, this microwave oven can perform various tasks, from preparing popcorn to softening frozen vegetables.

This countertop model has a convenient drawer to store when not in use. You can also purchase the Sharp 1200-watt commercial model. With all of the features you would expect in a commercial microwave, this model is also an economical option. Sharp offers various models, including presets, built-in kits, and quick-cook buttons to make your life easier. If you are considering investing in a countertop microwave, you may want to read our Sharp Commercial Microwave Oven review.


A good microwave is essential for every kitchen, and the Samsung MG14H3020CM combines cooking and grilling into one unit. This microwave oven has ten power levels, a wire rack, and a ceramic plate. Its large cooking capacity means you’ll use it less frequently and get better results. It also features an LED display and a fingerprint-resistant exterior. Listed below are some of its other highlights.

Style and functionality: The sleek and stylish appearance of the Samsung over-the-range microwave makes it a great option for those who want to make a style statement. Its large LED display provides precise timing and a striking ice blue colour that is easy on the eyes. The microwave also features a power conservation feature that turns off the display when you’re not using it. This makes it more convenient than unplugging it when not in use.

Features: This Samsung microwave oven has 10 Auto Cook settings that automatically adjust the power level and cooking time to suit your needs. It has a mute button and a child lock mechanism to ensure children don’t accidentally burn themselves while the microwave operates. The oven is also equipped with a dark, black front glass. It comes with a 10-level power dial and an Eco Mode that lowers energy use when the appliance is on standby.

Stylish and functional – The stainless steel exterior of the MG14H3020CM provides a stylish, contemporary look. A scratch-resistant ceramic interior makes this oven easier to clean. It also features an intuitive touchpad and door tab for easy operation. You can also set the temperature with a touchscreen and a timer. Lastly, the MG14H3020CM microwave is highly functional with a 1.4 cubic foot capacity and a 14-inch glass turntable.


Toshiba Microwave Oven Reviews for 2023 highlight some of the best features of the new model. This microwave oven features a spacious interior, 900 W of power, and ten power settings. Its technology makes it nearly impossible to overcook food. It is also designed to fit into a small to medium kitchen. There are also six presets for defrosting frozen foods. The 900 W Toshiba microwave oven has the features you’d expect from a new microwave, including a defrost function for defrosting frozen foods by weight.

One of the best things about this microwave is its sleek design. Its front panel looks like a television panel, and its buttons are both bright and clear. Its interior is made of ceramic enamel, which is incredibly easy to clean. It can also fit into any countertop or under cabinetry, and it has an impressive number of features. However, it has some cons, which we’ll review below. Toshiba Microwave Oven Reviews For 2023

The size and price of the Toshiba microwave oven are both excellent, and the manufacturer’s warranty stands behind its product. This oven has a child safety lock, presets for pizza, vegetables, and popcorn, and an express button to add 30 seconds to your cooking time. In addition, you can choose the power level from one to ten to a maximum of 1,100 watts, making it ideal for various uses.

The reliability of this Panasonic oven is not up to par with the Midea-made models, and many of the one-star reviews on Amazon do not reflect its overall reliability. There are too many one-star reviews relating to packaging, performance, and reliability. The H98 error, which indicates that the magnetron or power supply has failed, can make this oven less reliable than other brands. In addition, the repairs can be expensive, so it’s better to shop for the best Panasonic microwave oven reviews.


If you’re looking for a new microwave, you’ve probably found yourself in the market for a Danby microwave oven. These units are well-built and come with an array of features, including an auto defrost feature, six auto cooking options, express cook buttons, and child lockout. However, you might be wondering what makes them so good. Keep reading to find out what you should look for and why.

One of the first things to consider is the appearance of the microwave. Many people like the sleek design of these appliances, which are countertop or wall-mounted. Their buttons are high-contrast and easy to use, which makes them easy to navigate. Unlike some models, the Darby microwave does not take up a lot of space. They also have a compact design, so they can fit into a small space without looking out of place.