The Best Countertop Microwave 2023


There are many countertop microwaves to choose from. Here are some of the best ones on the market: Panasonic, GE Profile PVM9005SJSS, Emerson Griller, and Sharp Smart Carousel. Read on to find out which one is the best buy for you! You’ll love the sleek design and easy-to-use buttons! You’ll be cooking in no time! Read on to find out more about each microwave!

Emerson Griller

The Emerson Griller countertop microwave comes with an optional grilling element. This is useful for roasting chicken or making your extra pizza crispy. Unfortunately, it is not as versatile as an oven that cooks on the grill. However, if you plan to cook a lot of grilled meat, you should consider buying one. They are a great option if you want to grill your food but don’t want to spend much time on it.

The Emerson 1100W Microwave has multiple cooking modes: grill, convection heat and microwave. It also features a 99-minute, 99-second digital timer and an end-of-cooking alarm. The Emerson Griller countertop microwave is perfect for the countertop and comes with a two-year warranty. If you are looking for a countertop microwave with a grill, you should consider purchasing the Emerson Griller 1100W.


The Panasonic countertop microwave 2023 offers several convenient features. The unit’s Genius Sensor reads the steam level in food and adjusts cooking time accordingly. It also has a defrost mode, which is a unique feature. As a result, the microwave defrosts your food quickly. It also has a cookbook and accessories, including an enamel tray, wire rack, and turntable. The microwave is quite loud when operating, but the beeping feature can be turned off with the touch of a button.

The Panasonic countertop microwave 2023 offers an incredibly low price, which makes it a great choice for a small kitchen. It can accommodate a full dinner plate and is capable of cooking up to 1000-watt meals. In addition, its size and capacity make it easy to fit on a countertop and is compact enough for a camper, college room, or break room. It even has a moisture sensor, which helps cook delicate foods.

While the Panasonic countertop microwave 2023 may come with a price tag of $250, it is easily available for $200 or less on many online retailers. This model features an attractive, sleek design and a 1-year warranty. It is an ideal choice for households with multiple cooks. The Panasonic countertop microwave is a great choice if you want an attractive microwave with great functionality. It can fit in with any kitchen decor. The countertop microwave is also a great addition to your kitchen.

The sleek design of the Panasonic countertop microwave 2023 makes it easy to blend into any kitchen. Its small footprint and black and grey colour scheme make blending into any room easy. This unit is available for both countertop and cabinet mounting. In addition to these features, the Panasonic countertop microwave 2023 also includes a timer and a temperature sensor. There are also LED lights in the door that make it easy to monitor food temperature while cooking.

GE Profile PVM9005SJSS

The GE Profile PVM9005SJESS Countertop Microwave has an impressive 2.1 cubic ft capacity and includes ChefConnect technology, which syncs with the corresponding GE range to turn lights on or off automatically. In addition, bottom control with an integrated handle makes cleaning and maintaining the appliance a breeze. This model also features sensor cooking controls, which automatically adjust power and time based on the food you’re cooking.

The GE Profile PVM9005SJESS features a tap-to-open door that opens with your finger, wrist, or elbow. Its state-of-the-art sensor technology also ensures that the time and power levels are perfect for your cooking needs. As a result, the GE Profile PVM9005SJSS is a great choice for any kitchen.

Sharp Smart Carousel

For everyday cooking, the midsized 1.1 cu. Ft. 1000W Sharp Smart Carousel countertop microwave will do the trick. Designed with optimal popping results for Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, this microwave is tuned to produce tasty, airy pops every time. With a 1.16 oz. Single-serve bag, this microwave is great for making a single serving of popcorn, such as a big bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese.

The Carousel features a scratch-resistant glass door and a brushed stainless steel finish for easy cleanup. The sharp microwave is also Alexa-compatible and ready for Orville Redenbacher popcorn. For $120, you can get an Orville Redenbacher-ready microwave. Sharp Microwaves are available in many different sizes. For example, sharp’s SMC1139FS countertop microwave has 1.1 cubic feet of cooking space and is tuned for Orville Redenbacher popcorn.


The Toshiba countertop microwave 2023 is the ideal combination of size, price, and features. Its features include a child safety lock, presets for veggies, popcorn, pizza, and one-touch express buttons. In addition, it can heat food to the right temperature using a power level ranging from one to one hundred watts. The microwave also has an automatic defrost function that can quickly melt frozen foods.

The compact design of this model makes it perfect for small kitchens. Its power consumption is mid-level. Its features are ample, and it looks great in any kitchen. The microwave has a child lock, express cook settings, and a kitchen timer. Overall, the Toshiba countertop microwave 2023 is a solid purchase. Among other features, it has a long list of impressive features. While it isn’t as powerful as some competitors, it’s worth considering if you want a microwave that fits in a smaller kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach stainless steel countertop microwave has a sleek, black body and shiny red trim for the most traditional look. It also features a large LED display, clock and timer, and Alexa integration. You can even use the device to brew tea using Amazon’s Alexa. This microwave can accommodate a variety of dishes and is available in several sizes, so it’s easy to find a model that meets your needs.

While some people may find that the microwave’s design is not elegant enough, it has plenty of power. This microwave can accommodate large or multiple dishes with an interior space of 1.2 cubic feet. Despite its size, it cooks food evenly and quickly, offering sensor cooking and two defrost settings. Some users have reported that some preset cook modes didn’t work as expected. However, the appliance has an aggressive defrost option for meat.