Pepsi Vanilla: Always a Limited edition!!!



Pepsi Vanilla is doubtlessly the best flavour that Pepsi Company came up with ever. Come on! Face it, who doesn’t love Vanilla? We all dig vanilla ice-creams, shakes, cookies, and cakes. The distinguished flavour is a hit all over the world. Pepsi came in two variants traditionally plain regular Pepsi Vanilla, and the other one is Diet Pepsi variant.


Now they have introduced Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar recently in the markets. Pepsi is the product of Pepsi Cola based in North America. The company is a massive $4 Billion Beverage firm in the refreshment beverage division of Pepsi Co.


The company is also famous for its ready-to-drink iced teas and coffee beverages in the market through Lipton and Starbucks. The flavour also saw a relaunch in 2010, when Pepsi Vanilla flavour was re-branded as Cherry Vanilla Pepsi with a fusion of Vanilla and natural Cherry as its prime flavours.



The flavour from Pepsi was first released in August 2003 in the USA and Canada markets officially. This cola flavour was initially brought in the markets by the rival brand of Pepsi. Soon after it entered the market, Pepsi Vanilla took the market by storm.

Pepsi Co came up with Vanilla flavour to compete with the soaring demand for Vanilla flavoured cola. It was launched in the Philippines by tie-ups with the seven-eleven store locations. Later it was discontinued from the market after the buzz died.


Pepsi has come up with several other exciting flavours since then. Pepsi is the only brand to have a fictional drink on its name, which featured in 2015 in the movie Back to the Future with a vitamin-enriched Pepsi variant.


The company came up with a Cherry Vanilla Combination flavour of Vanilla Pepsi flavour. On receiving enormous consumer feedback that they liked both the favours separately, Pepsi decided to split the flavours as initially marketed to claim the market share in flavoured cola segments.



  • The Pepsi Vanilla cola comes in three sizes: 12 floz, 7.5 floz, and 20 fl oz.
  • The flavour has a low-calorie count than other such variants of 150 Cal.
  • Made with similar ingredients to that of regular cola. It includes artificial flavourings for the distinct Pepsi flavour. Pepsi uses both the flavourings Natural and artificial extracts.
  • The relaunch in June 2014 and the year 2018 saw the flavour Pepsi Vanilla with real sugar.
  • Apart from Pepsi Vanilla, Pepsi has a wide array of flavour such as Pepsi Free, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Pepsi Raging Razzberry, Crystal Pepsi, Coffee flavoured Pepsi Kona, Pepsi 100, Pepsi Candy, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Blue, and even in a Holiday Spice flavour among other 100s of sensational and exciting flavours.




Pepsi Cola Company has never ceased to amaze its customers with its unusual flavours and combinations. The signature flavour is called a synonym to its namesake. From its first release in the markets in 1961, Pepsi cola has never looked back. The relaunch of the famous Pepsi with its tagline “That’s What I Like” has taken the market by storm and leaving the consumers wanting more. The unavailability of Vanilla Pepsi in various markets has given Vanilla Pepsi exclusiveness. Pepsi Cola is here to stay and rule the market with its popularity among beverages.


What is unique about Pepsi Vanilla?

Pepsi Vanilla has a distinct natural Vanilla flavouring.

How many variants Pepsi Vanilla have?

There are Vanilla Pepsi, Diet version, and Zero sugar Pepsi Vanilla.

When was Pepsi Vanilla first launched?

Pepsi Vanilla was launched in 2003.