Standard Bank Webtrader Reviews


Considering a Standard Bank webtrader account, you need to understand what the service offers. First of all, it offers a great number of benefits. For starters, you can trade from your mobile device, i.e., with their OST app. You can also use special rates and trade live with a live trader. Another great benefit is that the company offers an extensive range of overseas instruments and a low minimum account opening amount.

Shyft app

Shyft is a new service that offers a mobile app to purchase, send and store foreign currencies. It has been designed to streamline buying and selling currencies, eliminating paperwork and long queues. The app also allows users to keep an eye on their currency balances. Since its launch, Shyft has seen significant uptake, with over 100 000 active users.

Shyft is a South African company that is built and developed locally. It was named Best Financial Solution for 2021 in the MTN Business App of the Year Awards, a prestigious award that showcases the best of SA’s app development talent.

Shyft also offers a physical Rand Card, which you can spend locally in ZAR. You can also use a virtual card to pay for subscription services. The virtual card can be linked to your digital wallet and is available in several currencies. This makes it easy for you to spend locally while protecting against foreign transaction fees. It also offers low transaction fees, and you can store forex in unlimited amounts for free.

Client Portal

The Standard Bank Webtrader Client Portal allows you to trade in currencies. You can buy and sell foreign currencies and manage your portfolio from one central location. The service is available to all account holders. Using this service is simple. All you need is an internet connection and an email account. You will then be able to start trading right away.

South Africans have traditionally relied on investment banks and financial advisors for investment needs. Standard Bank sought to change this norm and provide clients with a one-stop solution. However, working restrictions limit the number of employees and clients a bank can onboard. To make sales and onboarding more efficient, the bank needed a partner that could facilitate accurate global market access.

Sanlam iTrade

Sanlam iTrade is a South African online trading platform offering a comprehensive share and ETF data suite. It includes a searchable SEN archive, watches lists, price alerts, and more. The platform is secure and fast and allows users to trade any JSE-listed instrument. In addition, various advanced tools are available, such as the ability to customize the Iress platform.

Sanlam iTrade is an excellent choice for traders who want to trade CFDs on JSE shares. The trading costs are lower than 0.5%, and a range of protective features are available to protect a trader’s portfolio. The Sanlam iTrade website is entirely transparent, and its trading platform supports stop-loss orders, which help traders protect their portfolios from misleading quotes.

Another benefit of Sanlam is its ability to provide a comprehensive range of insurance policies for individuals and companies. These can include standard and tax-free unit trusts and offshore investments. In addition to the insurance options, Sanlam offers services to manage savings and retirement plans. The company also offers an employee well-being platform.

OST stockbroking account

The Standard Bank webtrader is an online investment platform. It allows investors to access the stock markets all over the world. It offers a full range of overseas instruments and special rates. If you have a minimum deposit of at least $1,000, you can open an account in under 20 minutes. However, you should note that you will need to pay data charges to use the app. The network service provider sets these rates. The company also charges its usual fees for trades through the OST app.