The Best Indian Restaurants Near Me in NYC


New York City is known as an epicenter for some of the finest Indian cuisine in the world, offering restaurants an expansive menu from traditional favorites to unique twists on old recipes.

Semma of West Village blends creative innovation and honored traditions of Southern Indian cuisine into an unforgettable dining experience. Don’t miss the Eral Thokku: succulent Tiger Prawns simmered in coconut, curry, and fenugreek leaves!

Indika House

New York City offers an abundance of Indian dining experiences. Popular Indian restaurants in NYC range from upscale establishments to casual spots with an eclectic atmosphere; whatever your preferences, there’s sure to be a restaurant suitable. Indika House in Brooklyn is an outstanding example; locals and visitors flock to it regularly!

This restaurant is well-known for its elegant atmosphere and high-quality cuisine from across India, serving dishes from different regions. Their courteous and knowledgeable staff makes this an excellent spot to meet friends or family for dinner or takeout orders.

Not only can this restaurant offer delicious Indian food, but it is also the ideal location for romantic dates! With intimate seating arrangements and a selection of drinks – as well as specials that include free dinner when purchasing two drinks! – it offers everything needed for an intimate date experience.

If you’re craving something a bit more traditional, head to Dhaba. This restaurant specializes in Punjabi cuisine and does it exceptionally well; its expansive menu boasts some of the best butter chicken around, as well as lamb kormas and other classic items.

Utsav is one of the finest Indian restaurants in New York. Their playful creativity can be seen both in their cuisine and decor; situated within an eye-catching building decorated with deep violets and lush greens, this lively spot features classic and innovative dishes to satisfy groups with varying palates.

Baazi Restaurant specializes in Indian and Moroccan cuisine. Their culinary team’s diverse backgrounds blend heritage with cooking experience to craft original and flavorful dishes. Baazi has earned many prestigious accolades and won multiple high-profile awards.

Spice Symphony is an excellent Indian restaurant in Williamsburg and has earned widespread acclaim from chefs and the media. Their exquisite food embodies Indian culture beautifully while being often described as soul food.

Jaz Indian Cuisine

Jaz Indian Cuisine is a 5-star restaurant offering northern Indian cuisine. Their delicious food boasts plenty of variety while being very budget-friendly – an ideal spot for taking friends out for dinner!

Jaz is a Hell’s Kitchen eatery that opened this past February and quickly rose to Eater and Tasting Table’s lists of “Best Indian Restaurants in NYC.” Owner Jaz Rupall hails from Hertfordshire, England, where she was raised as a generation British Indian; during the COVID-19 pandemic, she found herself working from home more and preparing more northern Indian dishes than usual, which led her to hold cooking classes and dinner parties at her apartment before ultimately coming up with the idea for opening Jaz.

The restaurant can be found tucked into a corner of Bushwick beneath a set of elevated tracks, featuring vibrant floor-to-ceiling murals of flowers, elephants, and the Taj Mahal. Its extensive menu ranges from familiar dishes like butter chicken to regional specialties such as Mangalorean chicken gassi (savory dishes made with coconut milk and tamarind for an unforgettable taste) with its distinct sweet flavor.

Dhamaka Restaurant in New York City provides another fantastic option for Indian food in NYC with its “unapologetic” approach to dining. Their signature flavors include mixing exotic combinations of ingredients. Furthermore, there are vegetarian and vegan dishes on their menu, offering something deliciously plant-based diners might prefer.

Dhamaka stands out from other Indian restaurants by featuring dishes from southern India – Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Andhra Pradesh in particular – using exotic ingredients such as Telicherry peppers and venison for unique flavor combinations that transcend both culinary and cultural experiences. Any Indian food enthusiast in the area should visit Dhamaka.


Apart from serving delicious Indian cuisine, this restaurant stands out as a restaurant and a grocery store. Its menu boasts recipes passed down through generations; local media has covered its innovative dishes with premium ingredients.

This eatery not only offers delectable tandoori chicken but it also provides dishes from various regions of India. Their expansive menu offers dishes like Kadi Patta Jheenga (a spicy goat curry) and Kali Murch (an exquisite lamb stew with unique spice blends). Indian food enthusiasts should visit this establishment and experience all its excellent offerings! This eatery should not be missed!

Utsav pays tribute to the Diwali festival with a menu that celebrates all things Indian. Chef Hemant Mathur travels extensively to source recipes – this can be seen through baskets of kebabs, Kashmir dal, or achari bindi (okra in spiced sauce with Indian pickles).

This family-run neighborhood joint is well known for its authentic dishes and friendly service, drawing both vegans and non-vegans alike to this neighborhood joint. Their menu boasts many vegetarian choices – such as sag paneer, masala dal, and kachumbari salad; making this restaurant perfect for groups of all kinds! Its cozy ambiance makes this an excellent place to gather with loved ones or take friends out for lunch or dinner.

Food at this casual eatery is inspired by the cuisine of Benares (known outside India as Varanasi) or Varanasi, an important holy city, with traditional yet modern dishes served here. The space is vibrant and welcoming while offering something for every diner on their menu.

This popular Indian restaurant in the West Village is an acclaimed hideaway that has quickly become an institution. Offering ever-changing menu items and exceptional cuisine, Ajay and Anjali’s cuisine embodies their love for all things Indian culture.

Tandoori Nites

Tandoori Nites offers delicious Indian cuisine at its best. Offering appetizers, tandooris (meats and vegetables cooked in a special grill oven), biryanis, naan pieces of bread, and sweet Indian desserts like kheer, ras malai, and carrot halva, Tandoori Nites has become one of New York City’s go-to spots for Indian cuisine. Find them at Macdougal Street between 3rd and Bleecker Streets; find them!

This restaurant’s owners have earned themselves the reputation of masters of tandoori cooking for decades, as they pioneered this tradition here in America. While their signature dish may be chicken tandoori, their menu also includes lamb dishes and fish and vegetable sides – giving this location its signature modern and sophisticated vibe.

This restaurant specializes in Indian dishes and has earned several top accolades within its industry. Using traditional cooking techniques, their chefs use creative words that combine flavors from various regions across India into delectable meals that delight locals and are featured in travel guides. This eatery is an industry favorite and a local favorite!

Hot Spice Restaurant boasts some of the finest authentic Indian cuisine in New York City, located on a tranquil corner in Manhattan and offering an intimate dining atmosphere. Guests can choose from an impressive array of dishes, such as the famous samosas filled with mashed potatoes and ground spices, or try delicious naan made from milk and butter!

If you’re searching for an authentic Indian restaurant near me, Kelly Drive in Hammer Lane could be just what you’re searching for. This family-run spot offers reasonable prices for lunch and dinner with an extensive menu featuring samosas, chutneys, and rotis – they even have a small bar where they serve drinks while you wait for your to-go order to arrive!

Unapologetic Indian eatery. They put a contemporary spin on classic recipes in an atmosphere resembling an apartment building courtyard, creating a menu featuring both familiar dishes, such as the usual suspects, as well as lesser-known yet equally delicious choices, like Mumbai-inspired grilled cheese with chunks of potato and cheese, lamb vindaloo that can quickly become unruly; and Kerala’s Adai Aviyal vegetable curry dish as specialties.