The Curated Coat Review


Is The Curated Coat worth the hype? Well, I had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of The Curated coats, and here is my review of these two. The Curated is a brand that focuses on sustainability, and it uses fabric from vertically integrated companies in Inner Mongolia, China, which produces most of the world’s wool. The Curated uses leftover fabrics from previous seasons and ships directly from China to avoid double shipping and storage costs. As a bonus, you can buy a coat in limited quantities, which is also one of the main reasons they have such a high price.


The Curated is a luxury brand that focuses on affordable, sustainable luxury. While their coats are famous, the company also focuses on providing affordable luxury for the everyday consumer. Their eco-conscious manufacturing practices help them create affordable coats using leftover fabric remnants from factories. They also provide honest pricing and support small, family-run businesses. Its mission is to bring affordable luxury to everyone, from the working class to the business community.

The Curated works with vertical mills in Inner Mongolia, China, where much of the world’s wool is produced. The company uses leftover wool that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed. This reduces waste and allows shipping each piece directly from the manufacturer. In addition to ensuring quality, The Curated sells its coats in limited quantities, limiting the amount of waste. In addition to that, they do not accept returns, so you can buy them with confidence, knowing that they are made of recycled wool.

One of the major complaints about Curated coats is sizing. Some were several inches smaller than the advertised measurements. The founder of Curated took no responsibility for the issue and blamed the factory for not telling her about the problem. She offered to refund the customer, but the customer had to sell their coat in a Facebook group to get a full refund. She refused to accept returns and provided a $25 store credit.

Max Mara Elena Coat

I decided to buy a Curated coat after seeing it advertised on the Max Mara website. I was disappointed to find that the lining was polyester and not silk. When I contacted Curated, the founder apologized for the mistake but refused to take responsibility. Instead, she blamed the factory and asked customers to sell their coats on a Facebook group. I could not return my coat, but Curated provided me with a store credit of $25.

The Curated’s founder advocates honest pricing, which she stresses on the website. Each coat is priced with the cost of the materials and the net profit. This encourages thoughtful consumption. The markup is lower than other fashion retailers. One downside to The Curated’s price point is that you can’t return or exchange your coat. However, Australian customers are offered free exchanges if unsatisfied with their purchase.

Moreover, this other brand copied the Curated coat’s design, which they took from the OEM’s catalog. The founder claims that the other brand copied the design and made some minor modifications. Despite her claims, Curated’s founder calls people who don’t design their own clothes “lazy” and says she designs each coat individually. This is not the only controversy surrounding the Curated Coat, however.

Max Mara’s Elena Coat

This long belt-tie coat from S Max Mara is a timeless classic. Crafted from 100% virgin wool with a double-faced finish, this coat features notched lapels, a belted waist, and hip slant pockets. The coat has a sash tie belt for added comfort and style. Its classic fit and softness are the perfect complement to your sophisticated style.

S Max Mara’s Tailored Coat

S Max Mara’s Tailored Jackets and Coats are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Made from high-quality fabrics, they are both stylish and functional. S Max Mara coats are considered the most desirable for women and guarantee to complete your look with the proper aplomb. The perfect way to wear one is with a classic white pair of sneakers and a great pair of jeans.

This classic coat was designed in 1981 by Anne-Marie Beretta, an Italian entrepreneur with a vision to combine the high-end fashion world with industrial production methods. Maramotti believed that the future of fashion lay in mass-producing high-quality garments affordable to all women. In the end, his vision worked. He created a timeless design, and it has become one of the most coveted designer coats today.

S Max Mara’s Tailored Jackets and Coats are timeless classics. The design of the mainline Max Mara collection has been replicated in the S MaxMara line. This collection adds a relaxed spin to the most sought-after styles. This is an investment piece that will stand the test of time. However, it will cost you more than what you’d pay for a similar jacket from another designer.

Curated Coat’s Tailored Coat

The Curated Coat is a cult favorite for its high-quality, well-made coats. Made from a mixture of cashmere and merino wool, the company’s coats have a higher cashmere content than many traditional luxury brands. And since the brand has less markup than other luxury brands, its coats are priced reasonably for those who want designer quality without the hefty price tag.

Curated Coat’s Classic Coat

The founder of Curated Coat, who claims that she designs all her clothing, recently asked her fans on her Facebook group to “spam” the other brand’s Instagram account. The founder claimed another company copied her coat design, even though she took the same coat from an OEM catalog and made minor tweaks. Curated Coat has since called the other company “lazy,” and she has urged its followers to do the same.

The coat is made from heavy wool and is true to size. It is not lined and is extremely warm, making it an excellent choice for winter. The coat is made from thick, heavy wool and has big lapels. It also features a wrap style with slits on the sides. It’s a versatile piece of clothing. You can also get this coat in camel or tan colour.

The founder of Curated Coat takes great care to source sustainable fabrics. She works with suppliers that produce both the raw material and the finished product in the same factory. This reduces waste and saves money because Curated doesn’t have to spend time sourcing fabrics from other suppliers. Another benefit of buying from Curated is that it has limited quantities. If you’re worried about the quality of your new coat, don’t worry because the company offers a free return shipping label.