The Stockli Montero AR


No matter if it is long, steep groomers or cutting through variable moguls at the end of a day’s skiing, the Stockli Montero Ar is designed for frontside use, and its light construction provides a fantastic snow feel experience.

Its performance and specifications match that of its Laser AR sibling but with wider dimensions (84 mm underfoot). That should come as welcome news to fans of its predecessor.


The Stockli Montero AR skis live up to their motto of being prepared for anything! Groomers, powder, backcountry terrain, and everything in between are no problem for this all-terrain machine, combining performance from its siblings in the Montero line with ultimate smoothness and an 84mm waist for versatile skiing all day long.

Montero AR features a lightweight core with a light version of their Solid Metal Edge for effortless turning radius and agility, while their Flex Torsion Control can flex longitudinally and torsionally for added grip. A slight rise at the tip provides additional support when traversing rugged terrain, while camber underfoot keeps you stable when snowboarders try to cut you off.

Last season, Stockli reworked and improved their Montero AR ski to make it more adaptable for all-mountain skiing. This season, they added an 84mm waist width, giving this ski the best of both worlds: GS performance and all-mountain enjoyment. In addition, their Flex Torsion Control technology flexes with vibration from snow, offering full edge contact with it for increased stability and maneuverability.

If you were a fan of the Stockli Laser AR, don’t worry; this ski is still around! Although its graphics and name may have changed slightly, its heart remains the same – with an adjustable longer-medium turn radius for quiet and relaxing groomer use but an engaging edge bite when put on edge. With proper bindings, it makes for an excellent all-mountain ski with versatile abilities.


Stockli Montero AR skis are an all-mountain delight designed with groomers in mind. Perfect for east coasters seeking wide piste skis with premium feel or west coasters who like carving groomers all day long, the Montero AR will put a smile on your face all day, every day. Paired with Salomon Strive 13D bindings, this ski is sure to put a smile on your face every single time you’re out there.

Montero AR’s wide waist and slight rocker make it an excellent option for turning groomers while still being capable of handling longer radius turns. The Montero AR shreds groomers like a race ski, offering an unparalleled ride.

Though suited for hard-pack skiing over fresh powder, this ski makes an excellent resort ski. It floats comfortably through deep powder while offering enough energy to make turning even at higher speeds a breeze. Furthermore, it manages chop and variable conditions admirably well if you possess the knowledge and expertise to master them.

If you’re in search of an intermediate ski that feels slow and underpowered, taking all the fun out of skiing, look elsewhere. The Montero AR is an excellent option for experienced skiers seeking an enjoyable yet capable ski that can handle all types of terrain, ranging from groomed slopes at their local ski area to backcountry trails.

The Montero AR is an excellent option for advanced to expert skiers who require a versatile, all-conditions ski with the chatter-free smoothness of a GS ski combined with the playful versatility of an all-mountain ski. Its chatter-free smoothness of GS skiing coupled with the playful versatility of an all-mountain ski sets it apart from similar mid-80s width models in its class, while torsional rigidity provides excellent speed stability, while entire edge contact shaping gives this ski superior gripping power on groomers and groomers in particular.


The Stockli Montero AR (formerly Laser AR) is an all-mountain ski designed to meet any challenge on any slope. This versatile model excels at both on-piste carving and off-piste play in powder and moguls; its light construction makes it easy for skiers to manage when using heavier boots and going faster; plus, it boasts excellent stability that’s essential for intermediate skiers.

Flex Torsion Control, a new feature on the 2023 model, enables it to adapt its flex to changing conditions by cutting wave-shaped slits in its Titanal base material and thus alter its torsional rigidity accordingly, adding to its versatility and enabling high levels of performance in any circumstance.

This all-mountain ski features an 84mm waist for optimal all-mountain performance and ultimate smoothness, giving you the confidence to push yourself all day long. With its race-ski performance and race carving style, it glides effortlessly down groomers, while moguls and powder are no match for its playful character. However, due to its natural stiffness, it is best suited for advanced skiers accustomed to handling its speed and power.

The Montero AR is equipped with a medium arcing rocker profile and camber underfoot for optimal grip on hardpacked and icy surfaces, while its rocker tip and tail allow it to float through deeper snow conditions. Furthermore, its rocker profile was specifically designed to make turning easier on groomers so it can tackle a range of conditions with ease.

The AR is an excellent on-piste carving ski, though not explicitly designed for off-piste skiing. While it can handle some off-piste terrain, such as soft or variable conditions, its stability isn’t as excellent compared to dedicated carving skis, making carving difficult. Although costly, the AR may be worthwhile considering if you intend to ski every terrain on the mountain; most skiers only require something capable of performing both functions well.


Stockli fans have something new to look forward to for the 2023 season: Montero AR! While Laser AR was its older and more mature sibling, Montero AR stands as its full-grown counterpart – perfect for groomer riding while offering some off-piste fun on soft snow days!

The Montero AR is an all-mountain ski that excels across a wide range of conditions. From carving turns on corduroy to traversing variable moguls, the Montero AR handles them effortlessly – an attribute that has made it such a popular pick among North American ski schools and which will likely entice potential buyers as well.

The Montero AR is designed with flexible yet rigid construction in mind, combining its light solid metal edge with a highly lightweight core made of paulownia wood and balsa wood for greater flex. Titanal sheets comprise their upper laminate; using Flex Torsion Control technology to vary its torsional rigidity depending on what it encounters enables more longitudinal flex while increasing grip underfoot as well.

The rocker on this Stockli model is more subdued than in others, yet still enough to add playfulness and increase grip underfoot. Modification is provided through their Flex Torsion Control technology, which also adds playfulness by moderating the rocker.

Stockli Montero AR is the ski that the Laser AR wanted to be, and it may just be the ideal pair of skis for you this season. However, we recommend checking out other options on our list before making your choice; otherwise, you risk missing out on a genuinely great ski!