Social Trader Tools Review


You may be interested in learning about social media trading as a trader. This type of trading can be helpful for both novice and veteran traders, as it allows you to copy trades and learn about trading strategies. It is also known as copy trading. Traders using social media platforms often have lower fees than those who are not using social media sites.

Trade copying

Social trader tools are software programs that allow you to copy trades of other traders. The tools come with many benefits. For example, you can copy a trader’s profits and losses. Moreover, these software programs allow you to follow trends in the industry. You can also find out what brokers say about a particular currency pair or asset class. Moreover, you can also interact with other traders through chats and messaging.

Another important benefit of using social trader tools is that they allow you to access the fastest moving assets. You can also tap into the knowledge and experience of other traders to beat the market. However, you must be careful about the risks involved. If you are inexperienced, social trading can encourage you to take higher risks. Social trading can be a good option for beginners, but it requires that you monitor the trading strategies of those you follow.

The best social trader tools allow you to follow other traders’ accounts and copy their strategies. You can even connect your broker platforms with these platforms and automate trade copying. Social trader tools for trade copying can make copy trading a lucrative hobby.

Trading community

Social Trader Tools are automated robots for trading on the forex market. The software works on the Metatrader 4 platform. The company has said that its service is more profitable than most robots. You can purchase the service monthly and add as many accounts as you need. The fee is based on the number of accounts you want to add, so you will have to pay $400 if you only want to use 60 accounts, $600 if you want to add 80 accounts, and $1000 if you want to use one hundred accounts.

The tools help you minimize your risk by letting you copy the trades of other traders. The programs also allow you to see their activity in real-time. This tool can be useful for those who are inexperienced with the markets or want to use a little help.

Customer service

If you’re looking for a good coupon on Social Trader Tools, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find coupons for a wide variety of products on this website. To use these discounts, go to the page where you find the coupon and copy it to your clipboard.

Social Trader Tools is a great tool for automatically copying trades from multiple accounts. It’s relatively inexpensive, costing five accounts around $60 a month. Small traders can usually get away with a $20 per month package for up to two accounts. However, if you’re running a signal service, you’ll want to get the premium package, which costs $220 per month and covers 20 accounts. There are also various other packages with more features and more cost.

If you’re a senior citizen, you may want to consider getting a discount from Social Trader Tools. Many companies offer discounts for seniors, which can help you reduce your costs.


Considering signing up with Social Trader Tools, you should know that it is priced reasonably. The basic package costs $60 per month for up to 5 accounts. However, if you have multiple accounts or are running a signal service, you will need the premium package, which costs $220 per month for up to 20 accounts. You can upgrade from there if you need more space for your accounts.

When determining your price, consider how much you are willing to spend to get the necessary tools. Most companies will offer free trials, so you can see if they are worth the cost. Also, make sure you can afford them before committing to a subscription. A good strategy is to pay as little as possible and to test the software thoroughly before committing to a long-term commitment.

You can also look for discounts online. Most companies offer employee discounts, which can make the purchase more affordable. But remember that these offers are only valid for a day. You may not get this chance to save money this year.