Chrisley Knows Best Cast – The Latest Development May Be the Most Dramatic


Chrisley Knows Best has seen its share of drama over its run on the USA Network reality series Chrisley Knows Best, but its most recent development may take the cake.

Recently, Savannah and her parents were sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison, respectively, for tax evasion and bank fraud, leaving their daughter Savannah as the one to step in as caretaker of her parents’ roles on the show. Now, their daughter Savannah is taking their place.

Todd Chrisley

Chrisley Knows Best, which debuted on the USA Network reality series Chrisley Knows Best in 2014 and quickly became an audience favorite, has followed Todd Chrisley and his family since 2014. Since its premiere, however, their lives have experienced dramatic ups and downs, and viewers follow Todd and Julie Chrisley’s five children (Lindsie Chrisley is one such child), plus Chase and Savannah Chrisley; also their grandchildren who live nearby Roswell/Alpharetta/Nashville respectively. Filmed primarily in Roswell/Alpharetta/Nashville/Nashville

Todd stands out as the patriarch of his family on the show. His witty one-liners provide advice from him as the fatherly figure to his children, and he believes he has all of the answers. Recently, however, there has been some controversy involving Todd; his legal representation is working hard to clear his name.

Todd has long been vocal about his relationship with Julie. Not only has he expressed concerns over her financial state and treatment of their sons, but he even once mentioned he wouldn’t leave them behind if going on a date!

In 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lives were turned upside-down when they were charged with bank fraud and tax evasion, sparking intense scrutiny over their lives and apparent lying practices. Todd began serving his 12-year sentence at Florida’s Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, while Julie began her seven-year imprisonment term at Kentucky’s Federal Medical Center Lexington.

Chrisley Knows Best’s stars remain busy filming the show despite legal troubles; their return is uncertain; however, legal experts believe that any disruption would unlikely interfere with proceedings in their case.

Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley rose to fame after appearing on the US reality series Chrisley Knows Best. Since then, she has become an established blogger, social media star, and an accomplished singer. However, her net worth remains unclear at present, but it can be assumed she enjoys immense fan support and stands at the peak of her career.

Lindsey’s father, Todd, is an independent, self-made millionaire who made his fortune through real estate development. Unfortunately, however, he has encountered financial troubles, including filing for bankruptcy and fighting allegations of tax evasion.

Chrisley Knows Best follows his family’s life, as seen through their daily interactions. Not only does he share three children with Julie and three more from previous relationships – Kyle and Savannah from his first marriage and three from Chrisley Knows Best but their spin-off, Growing Up Chrisley, has since been canceled.

The family drama keeps audiences glued to this show. From Todd’s hypochondria and his daughter’s love life issues to Todd’s hypochondria or their daughter’s search for love, this family’s drama keeps viewers watching – not unlike Father Knows Best from 1950, which featured similar families.

Kyle Chrisley

Chrisley Knows Best quickly became a TV favorite thanks to its successful reality series featuring his eccentric Southern family and their hilarious antics. However, Chrisley has faced financial troubles, including bankruptcy filing and a potential tax evasion scandal.

He also shares two children with Lindsie, his first wife, who has become estranged from their family and is currently being raised by Chase and Grayson’s mother – an issue she addressed on an episode of this show. She recently appeared and discussed their challenging relationship.

Grayson, their youngest child and high school senior, enjoys sports. While he has amassed an extensive social media following, Grayson has criticized his family’s reality show in an episode of Chrisley Confessions by asserting that their life wasn’t worth watching.

Though he doesn’t care much for the show, he has some positive things to say about his siblings and hopes she finds happiness. He also expressed his gratitude for having a loving family unit.

Though their future as television stars remains unclear, the Chrisleys may soon return. While Chrisley Knows Best was canceled earlier this year, its spin-off Growing Up Chrisley has been renewed for another season next year.

Savannah Chrisley

Since Chrisley Knows Best’s initial episode aired in 2014, fans have followed its family story unfold. Real estate tycoon Todd Chrisley and his children have earned viewers’ hearts nationwide, but along with this success have come personal hardships and legal battles for some cast members portrayed on-screen.

Savannah Chrisley, born to Todd and Julie Chrisley of Atlanta, Georgia, grew up alongside Chase and Grayson as reality stars competing in pageants and attending Lipscomb University during her childhood. Savannah had several romantic relationships during this time – country music singer Blaine Hanks was among them, as was former professional ice hockey player Nic Kerdiles; currently, Savannah lives in Nashville with 10-year-old niece Chloe as she’s engaged to former NHLer Nic Kerdiles.

Savannah has retained her humble and dignified nature despite being born into fame, regularly posting family photos to Instagram and loving those closest to her. Recently, she posted that raising her brother and niece has been challenging and rewarding – it indeed shows!

While the show’s viewers have often criticized Todd and how he communicates with his children, many also recognize it as a reality television show and have accepted its format. Still, Todd remains an influential reality star while his family remains close despite all the scandals that have rocked their show.

Grayson Chrisley

Grayson Chrisley, best known as one of the youngest members of Chrisley Knows Best reality series on USA Network since 2014, has become a household name thanks to his role as a spoiled child on this popular reality show. Since its premiere, Grayson has earned much praise from viewers while garnering considerable fan loyalty on social media platforms like Instagram.

This show follows Todd Chrisley of Georgia, a real estate magnate of fame, and his large family. Filming took place primarily in Roswell and Alpharetta – suburbs of Atlanta – before moving to Nashville for its fourth season, and its spin-off Growing Up Chrisley premiered in 2019. Todd and Julie Chrisley have four children: Chase, Savannah, Lindsie and Grayson.

Lindsie Chrisley is a talented musician and businesswoman known for her humorous comments on the Chrisley Show. Lindsie’s appearances on this platform have given her ample opportunity to showcase her abilities; moreover, her popularity on social media is evident as she has amassed over 275,000 followers!

Lindsie has shown immense loyalty to her family despite experiencing difficulties. She has shown support for her siblings during tough times and taken part in an innovative weight loss journey that has strengthened bonds amongst members of her household.

Lindsie recently discussed how difficult it has been for the family to adjust to life without their parents, who were both found guilty of tax and bank fraud and began serving their sentences in 2022. She revealed how difficult the adjustment has been since this news hit home.

Chloe first appeared on the show during Season 1 as Todd and Julie’s niece from Kyle’s first marriage. She is often seen among her family, sharing a special bond with both aunts.